Sunday, 11 January 2009

My little cuttlebug trio!!!

I had lots of cards to make today!!! I have my own little list of 'to do's' along with some cards that i need to make for Kazz from the cricut mb for claire house. I made a deal with myself to do one of my cards and then one for Kazz until I had got a bit further down my list!! I think in total I have made 14 cards today!!! I am pooped!!
Anyway this is my cute little cuttlebug trio!! The best thing is that all the bits came out of my stash so I haven't had to buy anything yet!!! The little teddy stickers came free on a magazine ages ago and the little button is one from a set of 6 my mum bought me for a present a while back.
The green one uses the happy birthday folder, the pink one is tiny bubbles and the white baby one is swiss dots (i love swiss dots for baby cards). A bit of inking, foam dots and ribbon and I was done!!! The insides of the cards are quite nice too but the only cuttlebugged one is the pink one and i used the 'with love' border folder for inside that one.
I still have more cards to do for Kazz as she assures me there are a cuople of weeks left yet, I had gotten myself thinking they had to be in for this week!!


  1. These are just lovely, you make me guilty, I have promised Kazz some cards and now you have reminded me and enabled me too.
    Enfys x

  2. These are adorable Lucy! You have been busy today!

  3. these are super cute cards

  4. I left something for you on my blog, go take a look and pick it up x

  5. I love the reverse scalloped look on these! I also really love the darker shading around the edges that gives them such a soft feel. FABULOUS cards!


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