Monday, 22 May 2017

Kai is one boy (redux)........


I'm in with my Dream Team make for you today and I have been lucky enough to need a super cute little baby boy image for 2 of my favourite little baby boy's over the last week....cue Kai is one boy (redux)!!

This cutie was just what I needed to make me smile as I was colouring, cutting and gluing! Isn't he just so cute? 

I have been mostly well this weekend. Some good old chemo aches and pains but mostly good so I think my new injection really helped. Today I am hoping to get a bit more time to have a play with my yummy new Lawn Fawn bits and maybe my new magnolia stamps!...I'll see how far I get!! he he!!!

The most exciting thing I need to do today is ring the breast unit and see whn I can go and take my pennies in!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! I can't wait. I would love to try and get my photo taken with some of the people I know up there so you can see how amazing they are too.

Thank you for popping in! hugs Lou xxx

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Cutie Pie...

 Image- Cutie Pie from Tiddly Inks.
Slider Card Tutorial- Dawn's Stamping Thoughts

Morning everyone!

I've ha d a rough couple of days but am feeling a bit more Lou-ish today so the big pooter has been turned on for a blog post! wahoooooo!!!

Yesterday was my very special friend Erin's birthday. She is such a special lady so I wanted something with a bit of awwwwwww factor. I just had to have another go at the super fun slider card I have been so enjoying. I don't know what it is about them but I just LOVE them! Its so fun to pull up the little slider part!!

And of course, the brand new Cutie Pie from Tiddly Inks  images had to come out too, they just make me smile from ear to ear! they are the sweetest little things. 

The inside just has a little decoration and I write on the back of the slider.
I have the date and time for having my Picc Line fitted now so I just need to do some talking with myself before it goes in that I can super whizz and manage it being in for 4 months ( are looking at a girl that doesn't even like plasters here!! lol!!!).

Right, I'm going to have a raspberry tea and label up my new stash of magnolia stamps from Swedish House Crafts...oh my!!! they are seriously way too gorgeous!! I got some dies too so I am seeing how long I can hold myself off playing with them (...I give myself like......5 minutes!! bwah ha ha ha!!!!).

Huge hugs, Lou xxxxxx

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Going Up Boy..........

Image- Going Up Boy.
Slider Card Tutorial- Dawn's Stamping Thoughts

Morning everyone! I'm in for you today with such a fun card. I absolutely loved making this one. I popped a link to the tutorial up there ^ under my photo incase anyone else wanted to have a go with this card base! 

And of course! Going Up Boy was just the perfect image for the job with his little balloon carrying him and his sock monkey off on an adventure!!

Here is the card open! eeeeeeeeeep!! so cute with that little hidden birthday message! I love it!!

And this is how he opens up! so cute!! I do love a super fun card!!

So my 2nd dose of chemo didn't go exactly to plan on friday!! I had a bad reaction to it after just 24mls and it had to be stopped while they quickly gave me some piriton and extra steroids to sort me out.I have never felt so yucky. I couldn't breathe properly and my head felt like mush and the nurses told me my face was a glorious shade of cherry red! but they were so super in sorting me out I was ready to go again after 30 minutes rest. My vein refused to flush at the end of my chemo and the nurse was worried it might blow if she tried anymore which would mean chemo drugs in all the wrong places so they removed my cannula.

My veins are so feather thin I am having to have a Picc Line fitted in a couple of weeks. I'm a little nervous of that but it will be so much easier for everyone in trying to get me sorted because trying to get a vein to get chemo meds and IV's in is quite a trauma! he he!!! so the Picc Line will go into the top of my right arm for the next 4 doses of chemo. It's not too long so I'll just get those big girl pants pulled right up and get on with it!!

To stop me getting sick like last time (...hopefully!!!) I have been given some special injections to inject myself with for 7 days to make those little white cells boost for me instead of deplete too much like last time. I was a little nervous about doing them but pulled up my big girls pants and went for it! Pinch an inch, 45 degrees, push it in and the job is done! Go me!! First nivestim injection done! 💉
So I am learning new skills each time!! he he!! Thank you for popping in, Hugs Lou xx

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Balloon Basket........

Stamp- Balloon Basket from LOTV.
( also available in digi HERE)
Morning everyone!

Its LOTV's 13th birthday today so I thought what better way to celebrate one of my favourite stamp companies than to share a make with one of their stamps today!!

This little cutie, Balloon Basket , was just what I needed to make a super sweet little new baby card. And for those digi image crafters out there, this cutie is available in digi HERE.

A bit of colouring and Lou froo and it was done. I double stamped the balloon part so I could make a feature of it at the top. Baby boy cards are sometimes so hard to make a special feature of because I never feel like I can flower them up!! he he!! so the little popped out balloon made all the difference.

Right, I need to get a wiggley on! I am going to see my oncologist today for a check up to see how I am doing with treatment so far....I briefly saw him last week while I was enjoying my little holiday in the!!! but today is a proper appointment so it will be nice to get a bit more information.

Huge hugs for you all, Lou xxx

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Secret Tiddly message!!.......

Message capsule- I got mine HERE.
Morning everyone! 
I have to fly out to get my bloods done in a few mins but I decided there was time before I go to share some Tiddly Inks cuteness!!! (....there's always time for that right?!!!).

Christy released some amazing colouring books to cater for the colouring book crafty peeps out there and oh my gosh are they AMAZING!!! I love every one but just had to go with this cutey little birdhouse for a make I was inspired by on a post a while ago by Swedish House Crafts. I loved the idea but needed to Lou-ify it!! I actually made this before I got super sick last week so I've been itching to blog it!!

Inside the cute little card is this...
The link for where I got my little empty capsules in is up there under my first piccy and oh my! they are too much fun to make with! I can't wait to do another one!! and then the piccy below is it slide out of its little holder...too cute!!!!
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!! I love those little birdies all lined up with their teeny little 'Happy New Home Love From Us xxx' sentiment!!

Its so good to have a super fun make now and again!! and here's a video of little ole me opening it up to show you all how it works...

Right, I must fly! I need a wee (...thank you 3L of fluids I must drink daily.....!!) and to get my coat on to go get my bloods done (...arghhhhhhh....Vampires!!!!).

Huge hugs and squeezes, Lou xxx

Sunday, 7 May 2017


 Image- Pignon.
Morning everyone!
It's Lou in with a make for you this morning and this scrumptious little mushroom fairy,Pignon, was going to be my challenge card make but I was poorly in the hospital so I couldn't finish it off!! doh!!!

I just adore Pignon. I've had it in my files for sooooo long and decided it was the one for me this time. I decided to sneak some colour in there too by doing the little gills underneath the mushrooms in rainbow colours.They are also glittery but as always, I struggled to get that in the top piccy and resorted to ...FLASH...aaaa...aaaaaa...(...y'all are going to be singing the Flash Gordon soundtrack all day now right?!!!!!) to show off the pretties!

I had from Tuesday to Friday in the hospital with Neutropenic Sepsis. The staff on the ward were so lovely looking after me. I had a whole tonne of antibotics by IV and blood thinning injection into my tummy every night. My bloods needing testing everyday to make sure my neutrafil levels were going back up from 0.6. They dropped the first night down to 0.5 but then they got better everyday so now I am much better and back home again. My oncologist is going to sort me out with some injections for my next chemo sessions to help those little white cells keep to a good level so hopefully I won't get too sick again.

Today my little bits of hair growth from my head shave of hair are falling out at a great rate of speed!! It feels ever so weird and keeps making us all giggle!! 

Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xxx

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Blooming Beautiful...

It's time for another fun challenge here on the Tiddly Inks Challenge Blog and it's time for some flowery fun!!! the Tiddly Inkers want you to think.....

Blooming Beautiful!

 So think flowers/ images featuring flowers.

 (**remember...We love to see any new creation, a card, 3D project, journal page etc 
but you must use a Tiddly Inks stamp or image **)

I went for the super cute Mini and many friends. There are so many little elements in that set that you can merge up a cute little scene in no time! As always, my lil sprout was on my mind so the little sentiment in my paper pad was just perfect and I couldn't resist adding it in there!!

Then I nestled them all in to some super sweet little blooms, awwwwww.

So today my tummy has settled some but my scampy temp is still sitting at 37.4 and I need it back to its perfect little 36.3!! I have a day of chilling out ahead of me.I feel a little relaxing crafting coming on!! he he he!!!! the truth is I am not so good at this resting thing. I like to be busy and doing stuff so adjusting to a slightly more laid back Lou is taking some getting used to!

Right, off for a cup of berry tea and then it's time to ring the Drs about a patch of skin on my back thats a bit sore.....I think it may actually be my super powers finally coming in but I'm sure the doc will write it off as normal stuff !!!! bwah ha ha ha ha!!!

Huge hugs for you all
Lou xxx

Monday, 1 May 2017

To plant a garden........

Watercolour background from Laura.
Morning everyone! 

The 1st of may already?! oh my!!! Well I guess I got my may flower and growing thing right on with this make then!! I had a complete merge fest for this gorgeous couple. I adore them together! and merged onto that beautiful background too. Swooooon!! 

Don't forget to check out Maurie's tutorial if you are only just starting out on your merging journey, it explains everything you need to know to merge .png files. Just press play!!

We had a wonderful day yesterday. We went to Springfields in spalding and I got some quality time with my precious boys. There was an Alice in wonderland theme on the gardens so we had a train ride with the Mad Hatter driving! Mo thought it was fabulous!
And I have been dilly dallying over a new pair of skechers go walks for a couple of weeks now but just couldn't settle on which pair. When we got to the skechers shop they had some special Breast Cancer ones in the window and £5 of the price goes to Breast Cancer so I just knew they were the ones for me! there was a gorgeous grey and pink pair and a trainer pair too but I adored these ones...
Right, I'm going to scott. Last night was rough on me with a yucky tummy and a bit of a temp. Temp sitting nicely this morning though so hoping after a few immodium capsules I'll be feeling much better!!

Huge hugs Lou xxxx

Monday, 24 April 2017

Morgan Doll........

Image- Morgan Doll.
Hi everyone!

It's my Dream Team post today and of course, it just had to be featuring the brand new Morgan Doll. This set is way too cute not to get or to pass up a make with right away! and when I saw it, several of the boy choices were so like my little man, I just had to go full throttle!!

Just look at the fun you can have merging this little guy! not only is there a stack of bits in the Morgan Doll set........

There is an add on set too called Morgan Soccer and it's super cute!!
We had an awesome weekend. I am still pootling along in my little Lou way and have managed quite well with just a couple of anti sickness tablets being taken! go me! 
Today I am going to drop Mo off at school and get a bit of ironing done, then sneak in a little crafty fun before pick up time!

Thank you for popping in! Hugs Lou xx

Sunday, 23 April 2017

You're my anchor.......

Papers- Nitwit Collections Aye Aye Captain.
Hi everyone! 

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. I've had a wonderful one so far and I even got a bit of crafting done yesterday! go me!!!

So I had a really special card I needed to make for Scott's parents and this gorgeous little Edwin with Binoculars just had to be the guy to help me in my quest for special card making-ness! he is such a sweetheart and goes super well with the sentiment form my stampin up Guy Greetings stamp set.

I coloured this little Edwin up while I was sat having my first chemo on friday and got busy on the card as soon as we got up on saturday!! it didn't take long to get cuteness altogether on one scrummy card!

So friday was my first chemo session, I had to be there for 6 hours due to it being my first one. I had to have my herceptin injection into my left leg to start off with,it was a 5 min slow push one ....oucheroo!!!! but don't worry peeps! I braved it out Lou style!! he he!! 
Then it was time to warm up my hand and try and cannulate me.....

That went rather Lou-ish! it took them 3 attempts for them to get a cannula into my dafty fairy Lou veins but once it was in we were ready to go!!
Then I it was onto the steroids...
Then it was time for the big boy of the day, the cancer critter chaser... the docetaxel ! he was so cool he even came in a black bag !!
And after 6 hours, I was allowed home at 5:15pm and then it was onto the big shave!! I had so much fun. My Best friends came and the children were here and my gorgeous friend Kristie came to shave my hair for me. She was amazing. She got Little Mo involved and made a ponytail for Mo to cut off. That helped him to understand the whole thing so much better and really feel a part of it. It was such a wonderful thing to see. My friend Kev came to take photographs so I can't wait to share some of those with you when they are ready!!

Then it was time for the rest of that long Lou hair to go!! it didn't take too long at all!!
And so far so good, I feel ok, a little tired today but still good. I have a little bit of a flush going on but not too bad at all all things considered!

Right, time to go! it's gorgeously sunny out there and we are going to enjoy some fresh air.

Huge hugs and snuggles for you all,
Lou xxxxx

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Lou Fight Like a Girl...........

Image- Lou Fight like a Girl from Tiddly Inks.
Morning everyone!

I've been and bought some bits for making chilli for tea and had a lovely walk with my BF, her dog and the mini peeps and now I am just sitting at my pooter in the kitchen in the sunshine while my dogs lay out in the sun with the rabbits!!!

I often just sit here and watch my crazy animals! It's so relaxing to watch them all enjoying a little bit of sun. There's a bit of a chill in the air still but it's so good to see bright and sunny days!

Yesterday I had a squidge of time to finish off a make using the amazing stamp Christy from Tiddly Inks drew for me for a surprise, Lou Fight like a Girl . I love her with her fightin' face on and her big ole boxing gloves, she's just perfect. I used the colouring page version because I love those stripes in the background so much. And I added a teeny little thin thread cancer ribbon up on the top right of the image piece just to finish it off a bit.

So I have 3 more sleeps until my day of chemo and hair being shaved off. I have spent a little time taking off my black nail varnish to give my nails just a little bit of respite for today and I'll re do it tomorrow. I am treating them to a lovely bit of cuticle oil treatment from my beautiful friend, Becky. There's an absolutely stonking £1,480 in the circle of love over on my fundraising page and I can't believe it! I just can't wait to take it to the Breast Unit when the page closes! I so hope they'll be pleased with it.

Right. I am going to boil the kettle for a lovely cuppa. I've had 1L of water (...trying to be healthy and all that!!!) but now it really is time to just treat myself to a lovely warm cup of tea!!

Huge hugs for you all, Lou xx

Monday, 17 April 2017

Easter Chickie....

Image- Easter Chickie.
Morning everyone!

I'm in for you with my Dream Team make of the week. I was working on something else I wanted to show you but then the uber easter cuteness that is Easter Chickie overcame me and I couldn't resist the tweetness!!

Isn't it just so cute! It's the bunny in the basket that's the clincher!! 

Don't forget the sale is still going so take time to get a few bits from your wishlist!!


So today Mo is picking up a book he has ordered with his easter pennies from my Aunty and pre ordering the next book out from his Cogheart bok that he loed. He is very into steampunk so has been reading steampunk novels! That little man always has his head in a book!! So I am just going to smoosh around with the boys of the house and maybe squeeze in a little crafty time! he he!!

I also need to start popping a few bits in my 'cancer bag' ready for chemo on Friday. Scott is allowed to stay with me for this first session but I think the entire 6 hours may have him falling asleep so I figure he can come for a couple of hours and then scoot off and get some bits done until I am done and then come fetch me! So far I have a new book to read, a selection of promarkers, a few images to colour up and some nibbles!!

And my little fundraising page!! oh my my my!!! it's at a whopperoonie...

I am so, so thankful for all the love and wonderful messages people have been leaving too. It's just amazing.

Right, time for a cuppa!!Have a wonderful day evryone, Huge Hugs Lou xxx

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Scarlett West..and a little Lou update!!

Image- Scarlett West from KennyK stamps.
Morning everyone!!!

I was ever so honoured to win a GDT spot with the KennyK DT over on their Club Kenny K facebook page. The challenge this month, which you can find HERE, is as always Anything Goes but the DT girls and us GDT girls we tasked a 'Spring Flowers' theme.

Well I had to take a Lou style route around this one with my kooky sense of humour! I don't know about the rest of the world but our spring here is swinging between wonderfully warm and then blooming freezing again!! and I am totally blaming it on the groundhog!! he he!!!!

Here's a close up of the blinginess!! because I so love a lil bit of blingy glitter pen, especially on the sheer skirt.

And don't forget!! you get the gorgeous Dowager Countess free just for entering the challenge.

Yesterday I went for my oncology appointment. It's all good news and all a bit of a rush from here on in because my Chemotherapy starts next Friday (21st)at 10:30am!! And my hair, well it needs to go sooner than we thought...Like next friday night/saturday before my blood count has a chance to dip and an infection can have a party if my head gets nicked during the shave!!! But, its all good peeps because at least I don't have to have it done this weekend and I won't get mistaken for a huge Easter Egg!!!

The side effects are always a wonderful thought....errrr......!!! lol!! but the plus points are I am clearly half mortal so that's good!!!!
But in true Lincoln Breast Unit style, they were explained fully and fabulously. I'm super pleased I ordered my lovely hats because they arrived yesterday. I love the little doodled animals ones my Little Mo chose for me! they are just too cute!

I also got a wonderful big snuggle from my wound nurse, Charlotte, who saw me in the corridor and said it was lovely to see me. Honestly, that was just magic. I feel so blessed to of been cared for by this amazing team. It really has set me in good sted for kicking ass!!!!

Right, I need to get a move on because today I have my Zoladex injection into my tummy, lots of bloods to be taken an my BP to be checked....errrrrmmmm..I think that might be a bit high!!!!!

Have a wonderful day everyone! huge hugs Lou xxx

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Super Kid....

Image- my super Boys clear stamp set (now retired)
but you can use My Batty Hero.
Morning everyone!

Oh my am I enjoying the school holidays and some Little Mo time. It really feels so good to kick back from the routine of school and just play! and the bonus of having him home is that he totally and utterly inspires me to get my 'boy' makes on!! he he!!

I wanted to make Mo a special little card because his bravery after my diagnosis and his compassion while I have been sore from surgeries has been amazing. We are teaching him to come to terms with mummy going bald with humour and he has been fantastic.

So this card was just for him and he loved it when I snuck it under his door quietly while he was reading on his bed yesterday and he came down and gave me a big kiss after he had opened it. I LOVE that he is not afraid to do that.

And me...I've been struggling with the itchiness of healing through the night! OH MY GOODNESS!! there is really nothing worse than an itch you can't scratch because you can't actually work out where the route of the blooming itching is because you have no real sensation around it and it's itching inside??!!! arghhhhhhh!!! My wonderful Aunty has told me to deploy the old Piriton so that is going to be the way forward!! he he!! 

And my actual scars? well they are looking pretty damn fine :) My scars are like my bodies natural tattoos. They tell my story and they make me smile every time I see them, like a beautiful map of my journey. Don't be afraid of your scars peeps, own them.

I kinda feel a little sorry for Cancer,it totally picked the wrong girl to try!!!!

huge hugs and love, Lou xxxxx

Saturday, 8 April 2017


Image- Lula Fairy Doll from Mo's Digital Pencil.
Flower Jar from Mo's Digital Pencil.
Morning all!!

Well I am waking up to a pretty magical day already! Not only do I have a make with the super cute Lula Fairy Doll  to share with you all, I also woke up to Maurie having drawn an image form that also raises some pennies for my fundraising page.
For the next 34 days The Fight has 50% of the proceeds from her sales going to my little fundraising page.

So I decided to kinda play peek a boo with my little Lula Fairy Doll !! I snuck her in with another one of Maurie's beautiful images, Flower Jar , so she is like a magical treat with your flowers!! he he!! but seriously, there are so many options with this little dress up Lula. Take a peek at what you get with her set...
and there is also a super sweet Lula Angel Wings set in the shop to go with her, it's free right now so don't forget to pop in quick!!
Yesterday I had my ECG done at the hospital. It took a lot longer than I thought it would ( it was about 40 mins, here was me thinking quick splodge of gel and look and job done!!) there were measurements taken, a squillion pictures and some sound clips too! it was ever so interesting. I do not know how they learn to look at all these pictures on a screen and understand them! I had to really crane my neck to peek (...I have such bad neck ache as karma for my nosiness today!!!) at the screen but it was rather magical to see my heart beating away! 
Right, I've got to scoot!! we are going out for the day and Little Mo is sooooooo excited to go he is almost jumping around!!

Huge hugs and thank you's for popping in
Lou xxx

Thursday, 6 April 2017

DP2 Challenge #274...anything Mo Goes!!

Image- Sprout.

Hi everyone! its time for a fab new challenge over on the DP2 challenge blog. And, as always, its time to explore your Mo's Digital Pencil images in your own way!! its.....

 Anything Goes with a Mo Image

                             Winners prize: a $5.00 voucher for Mo's online store.

Remember to follow Mo's Challenge Rules ...
use at least one Mo Manning image...
NEW creations only! (No back linking)...
And, please, only ONE entry per person!

I just had to use Sprout seeing as spring is getting into full swing now and the flowers are so beautiful.I love the hope in her little face at that little green sprouting seed in her pot, its just magical.

And speaking of magical, oh my was I surprised by some very special people yesterday! I was super duper lucky enough to meet some of my most gorgeous crafting budettes, Erin, Lucy and Penni, yesterday. We have had their visit planned for quite some time and I was all nervous and excited about it!! Scott took the day off so he and Mo could have some daddy and mo time doing some geocaching and I could have girlie time.

What the girlies didn't tell me was that Erin and Lucy had organised a huuuuuuuuuge surprise for me with Krista. Oh my goodness. They had asked Krista for a special Lou image (....she is seriously so gorgeous). And they had made a secret group and tonnes of people had made me amazing cards and my oh my oh my were they amazing. 

I turned into a huge Lou puddle and cried when they gave me the box. I am so overwhelmed by everyone's kindness. I really cannot find the right words, or words I feel right enough, to thank you all. I have stolen some piccies from Lucy and Erin for you to see some of the gorgeousness!!!

 I am a very lucky girl. I also got my first ever Pandora bracelet from Penni. It has super special jewel charms on it. One says courage and one says Optimism and then there is a gorgeous silver gemini charm for my birth sign. Eileen made me a stunning little guardian angel charm, Lisa made me a beautiful post it note holder and Lucy made me a super cool 'Lou's book of wonderousness' and got me a super cool diary and mug and tea and they got me a bunch of flowers too. I feel soooooooo spoilt but so loved.
No automatic alt text available.
Right, time to go! a cuppa is a calling me!! I've been up since 2am so I may need to hit the espresso soon!!!

Huge hugs Lou xxx