Sunday, 1 February 2009

My first try at popping an image in circle texts!!

Here is my first attempt at popping some images in circle texts!! i am quite pleased with it. I followed JenC's tutorial from her blog, (heres a link to her blog, she's great. ) and this is what i came up with. they are for my valentines cards.................that i haven't actually started making yet!!!!! but I like them all the same!!!!
I am happy to share them if anybody wants them, just leave me a pm on the cricut mb or leave a comment on here with your email addy.
We are finally getting a bit of snow here in Lincolnshire, Mo will be so excited if he wakes up to snow!! I love to see it, you just know it has snowed when it is all quiet and bright when you wake up. Hope everyone has a lovely sunday xx


  1. These turned out adorable! So glad I could help.LOL

    Hope you don't mind that I want to link to this so others can see what is possible when you start to play :o)


  2. These are just wonderful, waiting for you to produce the Easter/birthday ones :)
    En xx

  3. I really love these!! For some reason I am always attracted to circular stamps and diecuts. These would be great with the scalloped circles on Mini Monograms... cute factor = 10!!

  4. Great job and would love to have them. TFS

  5. These are just Too Cute! I would love to have them also. If you haven't already, I would post these on the MB. Everyone will Love them!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I wanna learn!

  7. I was just reading Jen's blog and came across her tutorial. I used Word Art for work all the time and had no idea you could do that. I would like to have the files as well.



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