Sunday, 26 April 2009

Trying new things!!!!!!

Wow!!! I have had a busy weekend trying new crafting techniques!!!!
On friday night I decided I would take the plunge and attempt a bit of a digital scrapbooking challenge from Diane (aka capdia!!) over on the fantastic new mb I have joined, heres the link to the new mb, it really is a great, friendly place to visit, make sure you mention me if you join!!lol!!! ( bit of a promotion going on over there!!! lol!!!!)
The sheep May calendar page was my try for this challenge!!! I used my hallmark card studio deluxe to make it for my mum who loves sheep!! I think its cute!!
Then on saturday morning I wombled off to my class to learn how to emboss stamps, and oh boy did I have fun, it was brilliant. I have the most amazing lady who teaches the class, she is so nice and funny and it makes the learning so much more enjoyable when you have someone like Ali teaching you.
The cards I made at class are in the second picture!!
Then as an extra, Ali gets out this brayer thing ( * at this point Lou thinks, omg, what the heck is that and what have I gotten myself into!!*) but OMG, this thing was amazing!!!
Ali had used some glossy card and made a card by using the bouncing brayer technique, it was absolutely stunning. My effort is the 3rd card!!! nowhere near as good as Ali's, (I just used the -rolling it and hope I am doing it right and not looking too stupid -tecnique!!!!)
I stamped the love doves (!!! don't know what the stamp is called!!) with a versamark watermark stamp pad and then rolled the rainbow ink over the image with the brayer, ooooh this is just so much fun, if you haven't tried it you really need to!!!!
I had filled up my loyalty card so ( and heres a warning to anyone who ventures into alicraft in out for that Ali lady- she is a Level 1 enabler!!!! romfl!!!) with my free £15 I bought myself a brayer .....
( at this point I would love to blame Ali and Iain and say that they held me down and forced me to buy it!!! ....unfortunately I actually have to admit ...I am weak!!! and cannot resist the powers of enablers!!!! romfl!!!!)
Today is it a gorgeous sunny day again and me and mo are having a pyjama morning!!!!
So far this morning I have made some 'football club club' cards for my 9 year old son who wants to make up a club and have started colouring in some of my tilda stamps!!
Have a great sunday everyone, thankyou so much for popping in!!!


  1. oooh now the love doves are stunning!!! I love it :o) What did you use with the brayer? was it paints or inks or what? Hmm ideas forming for some wedding invitations I have to do lol


    Amanda xxxx

  2. Hi Lucy
    You've been a busy bee! I love your digital calender I love to do digital. Your stamping and colouring is looking fantastic and your brayered card is sooo beautiful! I bought myself a brayer a few months ago and have yet to try it. Me thinks I need to have a go!
    Hope you and Mo and all the family are having a lovely Sunday


  3. lovely cards hun! just LOVELY! that brayer technique is just beautiful! all of your cards are actually!!! lucky you to go to class to learn!! I had to learn all by myself :( p.s. your sheep calendar is just SOOO cute!


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