Sunday, 6 March 2011

bowling card for a 6 year old!!

Morning peeps!!!

Mmmmmmm, have you ever tried taking a photo of a card you have made whilst your super excited 6 year old is trying to bundle it off into the envelope and get to the party?...... LOL!!! well, yep thats what happened with this one so apologies for the photo!!

Mo was extremely brave and actually went to a party yesterday, I was so proud of him as he usually won't go but he loved it. It was a bowling party and he really enjoyed it. The dancing after the meal was a bit scary but he joined in with musical bumps after the other children had played it 3 times already.

I am really so very proud of him as he will never go to parties,its a new thing for us!!!!!!

So I am going to have a chamomlie tea and get out to my craft room now and get some making done!!! I feel like I haven't been out there all week and there are some gorgeous challenges I need to get me a card done for!!

Have a wonderful sunday everybody!! Hugs Lou xxxx


  1. Hi there Lou, wow this is brill, great idea just fitted the bill perfectly.
    I think its great that mo went to his party, mitch went to everything at that age, and now look at him at 12, he doesn't want to go anywhere,so maybe doing it Mo's way round will be better.
    hope you are ok hugs chris xx

  2. Hi Lou! I love this card, not surprised little Mo wanted to go to the party, he probably couldn't wait to hand this over, it's brill! Hope you have a lovely day crafting.

  3. Oh what a fabbydoodle card!!! Glad he enjoyed the party - went through a similar thing with my youngest - he hated loud noise and we had to leave a few parties v. early - but he is a lot better now - even dinnertime at school was a bit traumatic at first for him with the noise!! (wouldnt be so bad but he's not the quietest child - lol)

  4. Oh you clever girl just super, I bet ryan loved it. TFS
    Fi xx

  5. WOW!! fab card lou,where did you find it?

  6. Great card Lou, and what a very brave boy Mo was. Glad to hear he enjoyed himself. Have a great day.
    Max x

  7. What a fun birthday card and YEA! for Mo! So happy he enjoyed himself. Maybe more parties in his future. xxD


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