Monday, 31 October 2011

Skull Cave!! Happy Halloween!!

 Afternoon peeps!!
This morning there was a little bit of a disaster here in our house!! Little Mo and I went out to fetch the jack sparrow pumpkin and shock had gone horribly mouldy!! arghhhhhhhh!!!!
So off went Little Mo to school and I had to remedy the Jack disaster!! I decided to go for a skull cave scene this time so that there was a skull behind Jack and master gibbs!! too much fun!!!!!

I kept the bit I chopped off to scoop out the pumpkin and turned it into a creepy rope walk into the cave.
Lights off for the dark piccy!!!
 Inside skull cave there is a bit of marshmallow toasting going on!!!
Then I spent the rest of the morning decorating the spooky walk Scott and I made yesterday. I am not quite finished yet, just a couple of lights to pop out there and the pumpkins on the lawn but I think Mo will love it!
The pot is where our little skeleton with a sensor in is going to sit, he wriggles like a windchime when walked past! its a school night though so it will all be coming down at 6:30pm and hopefully Mo won't get woken up every 5 mins by people coming to the door!!
Scott will be at work until 5pm so I am hoping he will make it home in time to walk around with us! glo sticks are at the ready!!!
Mo is going to be a little ghosty tonight, he only wanted a sheet on so I made him a little suit out of a pillowcase! he is going to pop his thermals on under that and its quite warm here today, grey but warm, though there were a few sprinkkles of rain when I took the piccy of the door......
Anywhoo, better go get Mo from school!!
huge hugs Lou xxx


  1. I love your pumpkin and your decorations Lou ! Mo is going to have a fab time tonight ! Thank you so much for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog, they always cheer me up ! Hugs and love from Catherine

  2. Everything looks so fab Lou! Hope Mo has a great time!

  3. Another super pumkin display, bet Mo lovely it.
    Fi xx

  4. Bummer about your pumpkin but the new one is just as fab! Love your spooky walk too. xxD


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