Saturday, 3 December 2011

Mo's pink grapefruit christmas tree decorations tutorial!!!

 Afternoon peeps!!!
Today we have a bloggy post from the squishably cute Little mo!!!! it is all about his tree decorations made with pink grapefruit.
Its in Little Mo's words but mummy gets to type because she is quickerer.
All you need to do is slice up a pink grapefruit in slices of about 1cm thick (...get Mummy or another growed up person to do this as its a bit tricky for small peeps!!) then dry every circle and give it a squish with the tea towel to get some of the juice out. You can use oranges too can't you mummy.

Then put it on the kitchen radiator for a few days (...mummy note... we have a double radiator and Mo loves to watch the drying out process which takes a couple of days on our radiator, he likes to see how it has changed everyday but you can put the slices on a grill tray in the oven at 110 degrees c for 3 hrs and it dries out that way too)

 Buy some of them tree hangy thingies, my mummy buys them in the garden centre, don't you mummy? the one with the cool decorations and movey rudolph ( was going to leave that bit out but its too cute!!)
and you push one end through a little bell that jingles and then push your grapefruit on it too, see here's mine on  its hangy thing with my little red bell
 Then get some nice ribbon and tie a knot in it up from the bell bit.
I hanged mine on my christmas tree but sometimes I like them on my door and on my radiator and even in my car near my window on that thing mummy holds onto when daddy is driving.........( mummy note...pmsl laughing at this point!!!)

This is what it looks like in my tree
He he he he!! Mummy is back to write her bit now. How cute was that?!! it was too funny to write it all down ready this afternoon but he decided he didn't want to do a 'video tube' as he has a cough and might spoil it!!!
He absolutely loves making these those so if your little peeps need a bit of something to do then have a go at this one, Mo would love to see them if anyone else makes some.

I hope its ok with the Allsorts challenge blog girls for me to pop mo over in their going in circles challenge too.

Back with a me post tomorrow!!!
Huge hugs Lou xxxx


  1. He is just the cutest :) I really wish he had done a video tube!!! Tell him he did a fabby job :)

  2. Wow... These turned out awesome!!! Thanks for the tutorial Mo!!! I will need to try this!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Thanks for a great tutorial Mo! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  4. How clever are you Mo - I am definitely going to get my two little granddaughters to do this one year.



  5. aaww Lou - please tell little Mo that is tutorial was brilliant and he's taught me something because I've always wanted to do those and I thought there was more to it... I love how it looks on the tree too. Well done Mo!

    Lou - your running commentary on what he was saying was soooo cute. bless him.

    Paula x x x

  6. Aww Lou dont you just love kids! I often have to write for my Niall, and have to write it exactly how it is said, I love Mo's Instructions!!! I hold on to that bit in the car too lol. Joey x
    ps: they look fantastic! x

  7. Awwww how totally & utterley adorable thank Mo for the fabulous tutorial he is so clever bless him. They look awesome.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  8. Mo, these are adorable and I think MonkeyMoo and I are going to have to make some when he gets here next week. However, since we don't have radiators, I guess we'll be putting them in the oven. Thanks so much for the great tutorial. Looking forward to your next Video one, so get over that cough soon.

  9. Wow Mo, what a fab teacher you are!! These look amazing!

  10. Absolutly gorgeous idea Mo, may get Mac to make a few, might try some lemon and limes.
    Thanks also for joining us at ALLSORTS
    BIG HUGZ Fleur xXx

  11. So adorable Lou and I love the part about you holding onto the thing when your hubby drives! Nice to see him enjoying being crafty with you!

  12. Oh Lou - Mo is adorable and so are these fabby tree decs.
    What a fab idea too!
    Thanks for playing along with us at Allsorts this week.
    Good luck.
    Debs xx

  13. Hi What a fantastic post ! Adorable tutorial I am off to see what I can use to hang it !! Thanks Kitty ;0)

  14. Thank you so much Mo ! What a great tutorial ! Can't wait to try ! Hugs and love from Catherine

  15. Well, this really is something a little bit different adn what a great post, a joy to read.

    Thank you for sharing with us at Allsorts this week and good luck.

    B x

  16. Hi Mo (and Mummy Mo)

    What a fantastic decoration.

    Loving it very much .. .. thank you for sharing and showing us how Mo!

    I hope Santa brings you your own blog for Christmas!! You would be super popular in blogland with all your clever ideas!

    Love Jules xx

  17. What a crafty little man you are, Mo! Fabby ornament idea. Love your tutorial. Hope your cough is all better now. xxD


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