Saturday, 2 June 2012

The little things.....

Papers- Wishes & Kisses from Funky Hand
Hello Peeps!!
I hope you are all having a wonderful saturday. I have been busy making Mo a little base for his soldiers this morning and I wanted to share my other explosion box make with you using the new cd from FunkyHand. 
I absolutely adore this explosion box template!!! it is the perfect size for tucking in 2 cute little LOTV peeps!!!
This particular one is an anniversary card for my friend to give to her hubby on their first anniversary which is on monday. Heres a few piccies!!! please excuse my classy rubber band to hold up the layers!!! romfl!!!

...and here it is all tucked up and waiting to surprise someone!!!
I am popping my little explosion box in the challenge over on Lili's Little Fairies- which is Anything Goes

Just sometimes my world jumps up and bites me hard on the butt, today was one of those days :( I was supposed to be at a BBQ today with some of my family, I was really looking forward to some family time. I suffer terribly with my nerves and a few strangers started arriving which set me on edge. I tried my best to wait until my Grandad arrived but pretty much as he did so did more strangers and I started to feel sick, then the agitated feeling started and dopey me ended up worrying, got myself all dafty Lou and we came home. I have spent my afternoon in the house  crying and would make a totally awesome panda bear should anyone need one for a zoo! so if you know anyone out there who suffers with their nerves like I do just please give them a huge hug because there are times when I just cannot fathom out why I get this way.
Tomorrow will be a better day. Thank you so much for popping in on me and reading my waffles!!
Huge hugs Lou xxxx


  1. Hi!there Lou sweetie,BIG hug your way :)))and try not to feel so upset.
    Wow....what a gorgeous creation,you are so creative and that sweet image is lovely as the papers and colours too.
    Have a lovely weekend with your special boys,
    another hug :)Lou.xxxx

  2. Amazing work Lou - just breathtaking! Sorry to hear about the whole nervous thing, happens to us all from time to time hun. Big hugs, Jo x

  3. you are on a roll here, this is just out of the box glorious, hugs

  4. Super creation Lou I can see your loving the boxes.

    Oh hun sorry to hear the nerves have come back, I did want to spoil it as I thought just how happy and and full of smiles you were last weekend, keep strong you can do it and over come it. :)
    Fi xx

  5. I literally gasped in awe and delight when I saw this, Lou! That is about the sweetest thing I've ever EVER seen! Oh and hon, so sorry about your nerves. Sending huge hugs your way. xxD

  6. Your box is just beautiful...I hope your crafting is a good way of forgetting your're certainly an inspiration!!
    Do you mind if I "borrow" your idea sometime!!My daughter would love something like this.
    Sarah xx

  7. Oh Lou, I'm sending you a massive huggle because I know just how you feel. I can get like that myself and sometimes I struggle even when it's people I know. I hardly ever go out to social things because of it. xxxx

    Your exploding box is just fabulous Lou - you are such a talented lady!

  8. Wowwww ..... such an amazing creation, I love it !!

    hugs Astrid

  9. Aww sweetie I have mini moments like this too! I don't get too nervous but I don't do well with strangers and sometimes I have a total meltdown about the way I look and what people think of me and then cry myself to sleep.
    I do hope you feel ok now and aren't beating yourself up too much. Your exploding boxes are fab and I hope the army base looks cool too! Hugs Rebekah xx

  10. A beautiful creation Lou and I'm sending you a MASSIVE hug too, hope you feel ok soon
    HUGZ Fleur xXx

  11. Oh Lou, I'm so sorry you got upset. Wish I lived close enough to give you a big hug, but tell Mo, I said to give you one from me. Your explosion box ia totally AWESOME, not to mention gorgeous. Looks like a lot of time to me.

  12. Lou, so sorry you have to go through this. Sending you big hugs!

    Your box is fabulous!

  13. Oh my gosh, this is FABULOUS!!! Gorgeous project!!! Thank you so much for joining us at Lili's Little Fairies!


  14. this is so, so amazing girly!! such a masterpiece you've made!!

    and i'd give you a big squeeze if i could!! i'll wish it to you right now!! :)... you are such a special person...

    love ya!


  15. absolutely beautiful!
    hugs, Alina

  16. Aww Lou, so sorry to hear that you have been so upset. Sending you a HUGE HUG. Wish I could send you a little confidence too, I'm one of those awful people who can talk to anyone anywhere and usually do. It drives my sister bonkers. The only thing to do is take one day at a time, and try to remember the good ones. No use stewing on what's gone before as it can't be changed (I know easier said than done).
    One good thing did come out of it, this AMAZING exploding box. It is totally delicious and I am sure your friend will love it.
    Warmest wishes for a better day
    Eileen x

  17. morning sweetie, I love the colour you have used on this fabulous creation, its AmAzInG big hugs love Pops x x x

  18. WOW Lou!!! Can you please do a tutorial for this because it is amazing!! I love how the image just pops right out :D Gorgeous gorgeous xx

  19. Oh Sweetie, I know exactly what you are going through... You are not alone believe me and I am giving you a big big hug too... Your box is gorgeous dearest Lou, you come up with the most amazing ideas... Keep them coming I say ! With lots of hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  20. big hugs coming your way hun.i don`t handle big gatherings well at all and tend to find excuses not to go.i prefer my own little bubble with just those closest to me.
    love your exploding box. fantastic design and i love how it all opens out to reveal the gorgeous couple inside ;D

    xx coops x

  21. I got one word. Three letter.
    That is all!!
    Huge hugs your way!! I know it's easier said than done, but don't worry!! xoxoxo

  22. Very adorable Lou!


  23. This is so great! Totally impressive in every way!!!

  24. I came over from the Lili's Little Fairies blog to see this amazing creation, but as I read on I realized how grateful I am I stopped by. I have those moments too! There are many reasons for it. I just know it's brain chemicals. For years I thought I was going crazy, but found out I have PMDD (just Google it). It made sense once I realized there was an actual pattern. So huge hugs your way. I am so glad you shared that.

  25. Just popped in again to say congrats, I see you made top three!

  26. Beautiful creation Lou, found your lovely blog from Lili's little fairies and had to become a follower after seeing that amazing explosion box you made - wow! No wonder you made Top 3 - well deserved!
    Don't let the nerves get you down
    Hugs Nicola xxx


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