Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter everyone|!!!

 Morning Peeps!!
I hope you are all having a wonderful easter, we are! The sun has come out for us and Mo and Poppy have already done their easter egg hunts and eaten their yummy treats!!

So, how do you get a super cheesy smiley child like this one you ask?!!!!!! well, that bits easy!!

You print out a tonne of happy funky papers from Funky Hand and cut them out with your biggest oval nestie, laminate, punch holes with big bite and add ribbon ( this must all be done at 10pm on saturday night so that the easter mummy....bunny can run around outside like a crazy lady hiding them all over!!!) then at 6am ( thank you BST clock change!!) Let loose one little excited guy after finding this outside his bedroom door....

and then attempt to take piccies whilst the little guy runs around like a loony with excited squeels of "oooh there's one" and "oooh another one!!" with a few " oh man, the easter bunny must be so tired after hiding all these!!" and " I am so excited!!" (...really...we couldn't tell....romfl!!!)

Count up all your Funky Eggs... now while Mo is counting up all these Funky Egg's let me remind you all about the huge sale and Easter Egg Hunt over on the Funky Hand don't want to miss that....
and once the eggies were all counted up and the little guy goes up to his bedroom to find his easter treats all on his bed, cheeky easter bunny snuck in and put them there while Mo was hunting eggies!!

And not forgetting our furball princess!! she got a hunt all of her own with a yummy hard boiled eggy!!  we left Poppy in the kitchen while we hid her treat....pop in toy tyre........

Pop her fav holey ball on top....
 Let her loose to find her treat...which was duly gone in 60 seconds!! he he he he!!!
I hope you all have an awesome easter too. We are going to go for a drive to the beach for a walk in the sunshine and some family time!!

Huge hugs Lou xxxx


  1. happy easter lou!!! wowee look at mos stash!!! hehehe and poppy's treat is so cute too ;) hope you all had a fabulous day xx

  2. Thank you for sharing Sweetie ! I love Mo's smile ! Have a wonderful Easter too dear Lou ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  3. fantastic pics lou.looks like lots of fun in your house this morning.
    Happy Easter hun ;D

    xx coops xx

  4. Hi! Oh wow Lou,so much fun for Mo and lovely Easter treats too- sweet photos and hope you all had a nice day.BIG hug,

  5. Gorgeous pics of your Mo Lou! He's such a cutie. I bet he and Georgie would get on a like a house on fire!! Strange saying that, but you know what I mean! Big hugs from 'down under', Wends xxx


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