Wednesday, 1 May 2013

No lines........

Image- Puppy Tobie from Some Odd Girl.
Hiyah peeps!!

ok, so mums surgery seemed to go ok and I spoke to her last nigt just as she got back and she seemed ok but this morning we got a message to say there had a been a little complication and there has been some damage to the dura :( this is one of the risks of the operation and mum will experience some pretty violent headaches and she has to stay in  the hospital longer then we expected but at least she is where she needs to be. It completely upskittled me this morning and I just could not settle at all.

I walked with Poppy and tidied up some and then this afternoon I spotted this on my gorgeous friend Leah's facebook wall and thought hey that looks fun....

so I popped off to join the SOG world and with some help from the fabulous Kristy I got my tobie digi printed out all no lines-y!!

Oh man...this colouring technique is kinda hard! my first one looked pants!! but luckily I only did the face so I just started again (lou printed out 4 incase of pantsness!!!) but I am kinda pleased with my first attempt and after Mo and I got home from school I knocked up a little card so I could pop it on my blog for ya'll to judge!! he he he he!!!

Right, time to make some tea for a little squidge!! huge hugs Lou xxxx


  1. He looks absolutely fabulous Lou! I'm gonna try the no-lines tonight as well. I'm really nervous, so if it took you a couple tries I might just fail. :D So glad that you got to talk with your mum. Wishing her a speedy recovery!

  2. Hi!this is a sweetie Lou,you are very creative and love the papers-design too.
    Hope Mum is feeling better very soon,you take care too.
    Thinking of you all,BIG

  3. I just spotted that there's a tongue hangin' out on his little forehead....hahaa! Great little card, Lou....can't believe you did something so gorgeous when you have so much on your mind....still sayin' me little prayers for you and your mum. x

  4. Hi Sweetie hope your mum is doing better now! I know the no lines thing is hard!!! I did a few magnolias and wow it's hard but I do love the effect! hugs Rebekah xx

  5. Hi Lou

    I hope that things are starting to improve a little for your Mum and that she is being looked after well.

    What a worrying time for you.

    Pleased you are still able to submerge yourself in your lovely craft work .. .. I am sure it must help.

    The "no-lines" colouring is tricky isn't it .. .. I think we are just so used to seeing black outlines around everything!

    Hope today goes well for your Mum and for you.

    Love and hugs

    Jules xx

  6. Good morning sweetie, fabulous creation hugs Pops x x x

  7. So glad to hear your dear Mum is doing ok... I just hope she won't be in too much pain with the headaches...
    Your card is stunning... I always admire your colouring... Love the papers and the little dog image you have added... Sweet ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  8. so stunning your no lines colouring and fabulous layers and image :D

    xx coops xx

  9. Looks brilliant Lou - there's no way I oould do this! Fantastic card too.

    Hope your mum is soon on the mend my love.

  10. Awwww, what a sweet card, love your layers, hugs


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