Friday, 15 November 2013

Forgotten Funkies!!....Funky Little Christmas...

Papers and Toppers- Funky Little Christmas from Funky Hand.
I'm back everyone!!!

Its that time of month again for our 'Forgotten Funkies' showcase!!! and each month our fabulous Funkette's are over on our blog showing off some new makes with our older downloads. 

Today's showcase is centered all around the fabulously festive 'Funky Little Christmas' download. This download really packs a punch with its paper designs full of funky and zingy christmas colours and even comes with a sheet of card toppers that are just wonderful to play with.
Funky Little Christmas

I had to use that awesome step card die again! but I knew it would be just fab for me to use the whole sheet of toppers with!! I love these funky little christmas trees, it makes such a change from the traditional colours and my fav paper ever from the download is this texty merry christmas one,its fab!! I used the largest topper for the sentiment piece inside my card, you can just see it peeking out in the photo.

The topper on the front is actually curved and look so cool but could I get a good picture of that....errrrr...nope!! so here's a side shot where I tried to get a piccy of it!!

All the little tree's are popped up on foam squares to give them some umpf...and make them look like a little happy forest of chrimbly.....   

Well, that really is me done with makes for today now. I have had such a strange week I am looking forward to just having time to have a think about things today because little Mo's new school have picked up a problem with Mo. They feel he may have Aspergers or Autism and although it is a shock to actually hear it from someone else and has made me feel really sad, it is also a massive relief to us as we have thought this for many years. So I am also thankful for an amazing team of teachers at Mo's new school for noting and picking this up so quickly so we can go forward. I feel super safe knowing that the teaching team are actually looking out for my son.

Nothing will change in the way we are with Mo but it will help school to know how to help him understand the world outside our house and our family bubble a bit more. That is something he has always struggled with but I am ful of hope because he is so much happier at his new school and even wants to go on the overnight trip with his classmates so I know there are exciting times ahead, it will just take a couple of days for the shock of being supported and helped to sink in. I got to say...Mo's new school rocks!! and the teaching team are just drop your jaw awesome.

And in the midst of all my tears and emotions yesterday my little guy still mamnged to make me smile even though he wasn't here. I went to make my omlette for dinner and found this.....

Have a fantastic friday peeps, huge hugs for you all

Lou xxxxxx


  1. well how much do I love those trees? A Lot, great card. Headways are being made by leaps and bounds on Aspergers and Autism, so glad his new school is being pro-active and keeping you in the loop, sending big Hugs

  2. Aww simply gorgeous hun....:o)

    biggest of hugs Vicky xx

  3. Absolutely fab make dearie. Really love this style.You hang in there sweetie.Mo is such a happy chappie and a little star.I'm sure he'll come on in leaps and bounds.Here if you need anything.Hugs Debbie x

  4. great card, love those trees

  5. So pleased to hear that Mo likes his new school !
    Your card is so so cool Lou ! Love the colours ! Have a lovely week-end my friend ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  6. Morning sweetie, this is just gorgeous, I could not make out what that was in the basket at first, I thought one of the eggs had hatched, pmal I so need to wear my glasses all the time, have a great Saturday, big hugs love Pops x

  7. fantastic card lou.i love the design and those funky tree`s and colours are stunning ;D
    so pleased mo is going to get the support he needs from his new eldest nephew has aspergers, he was finally diagnosed at 15 when my sister moved from staffs to devon!!
    lotsa hugs hun

    xx coops xx

  8. What a creative and all over soooo amazing card,,,,love this kind of card it inspired me,,,,,You areally talented my friend,,,,,.Thaks for your comments on Catherinés blog about my Chnristmas images,,,,,so feel free to ask me your favorite product from all my stuff (more than 1200)Hugs

  9. Love your fab crafty make, perfect Christmas creation! My darling crafty pal. I so just wanna wrap you up in a big hug right now! You already know my heart, so I'll say no more. Huge hugs to you and your gorgeous boy, Wends x


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