Friday, 28 February 2014

a bloggy question answered!!!

Hi everyone!

I got a little question through in my emails this morning about my blog layout so I thought I would answer it on here instead incase anyone else has ever wondered about it.

So, the question was...

"Lou, can you share with me how you get your pictures so big on your blog. mine are all squished into the middle section on mine and there is a lot of space down the sides but if I make my pictures bigger they go over the side bars which looks messy. What can i do to change that out?"

ok, so the answer really very much depends on your blog template. So, lets womble through this together peeps!

OK, go to your blog and select 'Design' on the top right hand side. Then look down the left hand side and choose the 'Template' choice ( it has a little paint roller next to it). 

You will then see lots of different pictures of layouts for your blog. Mine is set on a 'Simple' layout, so we will go with that for these waffles!! 

When you click on your selection you should then see a few options down the side where you can click on options to change the bits on your blog. This is what mine looks like when I go to those settings. ( I have chosen the 'adjust widths' setting for this piccy so you can see the widths that mine is set at....

and this is what it looks like on mine when I select the 'Layout' option...

So onto photographs!! I resize all my photographs of my cards in paintshop. I do them at 72 dpi with the longest side of my crop to be 600 pixels. That way I can upload them to my blog and then click on 'original size' which makes them pop up nice and bog for peeking at. Doing them this way means I can get a lovely big picture on my blog but still have the pages loading quickly as they are not chug chug chugging along trying to load a massive file.

Phew! wafflies over!! hope it helped someone!!

HUge hugs Lou xxx


  1. I don't know if its how you have the template saved but for me to see all your page I have to scroll sideways - just thought I'd let you know ;)

  2. Hi Net. It all depends on which browser you are using. It should autosize to fit your computer/tablet/Ipad/laptop screen, the template I use will have no bearing on that.
    Sometimes blogger has glitches too so you need to refresh pages after they have loaded.
    Hope this helps a squidge!
    hugs Lou xxx


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