Thursday, 3 April 2014

Yarghhh!! piratey chocklits!!!

Box- Skull Topper box from Samantha Walker.
Chocklits...made by me! 
Morning peeps!!

well yesterday my day was full of making chocklits and little boxes for them to go in for Mo's class at school.

They are doing their school play today, Pirates of the Curry bean, and they have all been working so hard on it I wanted to make them all a fun little something to celebrate.

I got the little box from the silhouette store, its a no glue one so it was a case of cut 20 and then pop them altogether.

Then it was onto the chocolate! oooooh that was the fun bit!! I needed 90 little pirate themed chocoloates so my little pirate ice cube tray from Mutiny bay at Alton Towers came in super handy!!! (...I actually made more then 90 but some may of fallen foul to quality control..........)

Right, I had better get my butt into gear. We are watching Mo's play twice today! in the morning and this evening. I have conned him into the evening performance by telling him its not really that late because the clocks went forward!! lol!!

Thank you for popping in
Huge hugs Lou xxx


  1. Lou you are such an awesome mama. I bet there's a whole class of kiddos super excited about their delicious piratey treats! Enjoy the shows!! Hugs to fabulous Pirate Mo. Hugs, Wends x

  2. This is so adorable Lou ! Love the choccies too... and the title of the play !!! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  3. What a fun and tasty project! Love the idea of making your own custom chocolates. Hugs, Justyna xx

  4. Hi lovely xx
    How wonderful those box's are, and those chocs look dead! scrummy ;)
    Hope you and Mo have a fabulous day!
    Mel. xxx

  5. That made me laugh quality control :0)) awesome idea I bet they loved them, hugs Pops x x

  6. You know...this may be the only thing that's ever made me consider buying a sillhouette. What a fabulous idea! You're so sweet making all those goodie bags AND the goodies to go in them, even if you were very severe in your quality control lol. Lve the name of the play too, your whole post gave me a good chuckle, right, suppose I'd best get back to work now hehe :) xx

  7. oh wow these are fabulous the boxes and yummy pirate choccys :D

    xx coops xx


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