Friday, 27 March 2015

Super Kid........

I'm back! lol!!

But there was no way I could sit on my Tiddly Inks Fab friday card!! this little super guy is just way too cute and with all the Avengers and super hero play going on out there I just had to use this one for a little birthday card!!!

Well, its the end of term for my lil guy today and I cannot wait! we have homework celebration assembly to pop in to this morning and then come 3:30pm it will be full on family time!! I love it!! and we get a whole 2 weeks this holiday too!!!!

Right, off to get some brekkie, been up since 4:44am after zonking out with Mo last night and waking up at 10:20pm...oooops! 

Have a super duper day everyone
Huge hugs Lou xxx


  1. Super cool card, Lou! Those die cuts are awesome!

  2. This is a really cool card. Love it. xx


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