Thursday 2 March 2017

Dixie....... and a Lou results update!!

Image- Dixie.

Its that time of the month again where a fab new challenge pops up on the DP2 challenge blog. And, as always, its time to explore your Mo's Digital Pencil images in your own way!! its.....

 Anything Goes with a Mo Image

                             Winners prize: a $5.00 voucher for Mo's online store.

Remember to follow Mo's Challenge Rules ...
use at least one Mo Manning image...
NEW creations only! (No back linking)...
And, please, only ONE entry per person!

Of course, I had to use my 2 delicious new twins that Maurie drew for me, they were just so perfect in every way (I'll share the other one on monday for my dream team make day!! he he!!).

So, Little Lou update for those following my Paget's Disease of the Breast cancer womble!! I got my results yesterday and in true Lou wasn't quite what I was expecting! (...well..let's face it, it would be sooo boring if things were easy peesy right?!!).

So, the breast tissue they took out from mini boob had good margins of clear, there was 16mm of yucky stuff. So mini boob is good and I don't have to have anything else done to it, which is awesome because it has healed very nicely on the wounds (...even though it is sooo itchy I need a scratchin' post!!!). My little 'nipple island' is absolutely fine which is wonderful because there is always a risk that pulling that flap of skin over and down and making it a neat little circle won't work but it has done so Yey Nipple Island!!!

But...there's always a but right? (...Lou asks self why it isn't a Dwayne Johnson butt, now that I would like...!!!)  there was a 3mm of invasive cancer so I have to go back in and have another operation to remove a few lymph nodes and get them checked out to see if the cancer has gone 'on tour' before they decide on the next bit.To do this they inject a lovely special dye (...alas...into my mini boob so that the dye flows into the lymph nodes leading up from where the cancer has made itself a little campsite..!!). That dye lights up a few lymph nodes so that when they shine the magic pen on them when I am opened up a little under my arm they can see which ones to pinch! We shall therefore call them the Lymph Node Looters from here on in!!! then it's just another little wait to see how the results come back for that job!

My fabulous team were chatting about me on monday my consultant said yesterday!! He said I will most likely be having chemotherapy for 6 months and then onto my radiotherapy due to my age but I am ok with it. I don't mind trying anything because I need to be a trail blazer for y'all right now!! he he!!

Right, got to go! I have a crafty kinda feeling today and while Scott is taking Mo to school and fetching me a few bits to bake some cakes with today I am going to make a little card I think.

Thank you for popping in on me,Huge hugs Lou xxx


  1. Great card, and you sound so brave facing your illness head on and sharing each stage with us. I wish you well and pray they get all the nasty cell out for you and you make a full recovery. Sounds like you still have a long road ahead, stay positive and keep fighting, I know you will, Jx

  2. Your card is fabulous as always.... and then your update..... well, you make me smile!!! You are brilliant and doing so well sharing your story with such a humorous slant! I'm sending massive hugs (trying not to squash mini boobie) - and positive wishes for a speedy recovery!!

    Christine x

  3. So dang cute Lou! Love this sweet image and your gorgeous card design. Love the way you distress the papers. Sad there's still more to face in your journey to health Lou. You are amazing hunny and so inspiring! I'm off to get pancaked tomorrow ☺️ big hugs, Wends xoxo

  4. Using the words "trail blazer" is right. With every ounce of your being I feel like you are such a trooper. I know there are miserable and scary days and days of uncertainty ahead. Your outlook is amazing and I wish more of us had that strength. I'm going to keep praying on my end which is the easy part. No more tours for cancer and NO cake for it either.

  5. Your card is at a level of super lovely, Lou, and your bravery is super hero level! Sending a hug for better news to come after lymph node looting! Lesley

  6. Beautiful card and you are one tough amazing lady the way you are facing this and sharing it with us all! we are all behind you 100%. kick its butt! love much xxx stacey schofield xxx


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