Saturday, 8 April 2017


Image- Lula Fairy Doll from Mo's Digital Pencil.
Flower Jar from Mo's Digital Pencil.
Morning all!!

Well I am waking up to a pretty magical day already! Not only do I have a make with the super cute Lula Fairy Doll  to share with you all, I also woke up to Maurie having drawn an image form that also raises some pennies for my fundraising page.
For the next 34 days The Fight has 50% of the proceeds from her sales going to my little fundraising page.

So I decided to kinda play peek a boo with my little Lula Fairy Doll !! I snuck her in with another one of Maurie's beautiful images, Flower Jar , so she is like a magical treat with your flowers!! he he!! but seriously, there are so many options with this little dress up Lula. Take a peek at what you get with her set...
and there is also a super sweet Lula Angel Wings set in the shop to go with her, it's free right now so don't forget to pop in quick!!
Yesterday I had my ECG done at the hospital. It took a lot longer than I thought it would ( it was about 40 mins, here was me thinking quick splodge of gel and look and job done!!) there were measurements taken, a squillion pictures and some sound clips too! it was ever so interesting. I do not know how they learn to look at all these pictures on a screen and understand them! I had to really crane my neck to peek (...I have such bad neck ache as karma for my nosiness today!!!) at the screen but it was rather magical to see my heart beating away! 
Right, I've got to scoot!! we are going out for the day and Little Mo is sooooooo excited to go he is almost jumping around!!

Huge hugs and thank you's for popping in
Lou xxx


  1. I love that gorgeous card, beautiful, will do my best to pop into Mo's later she has such fab images....hope you have a really good day....x

  2. Beautiful card Lou, love how you put this little sweetie with the jar of flowers. So clever, I need to do this type of thing more often. I was printing up my layers the other day but dont remember seeing those soft fairy wings, will have to have another look. Good to see all is coming slong well and fantastic image for raising funds. Hope lots get sold so you raise lots of pots of gold. Take care xx hugs Aileen

  3. What a gorgeous idea of Mo's! You're so surrounded by love hunny. We're all pulling for you! Love what you've done with sweet Lula. That is such an inspired choice to tuck her in amongst the blooms. A truly enchanting creation hunny. I love the CAS design too as it really lets your fabulous colouring shine! Big hugs, Wends xoxo


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