Monday, 24 April 2017

Morgan Doll........

Image- Morgan Doll.
Hi everyone!

It's my Dream Team post today and of course, it just had to be featuring the brand new Morgan Doll. This set is way too cute not to get or to pass up a make with right away! and when I saw it, several of the boy choices were so like my little man, I just had to go full throttle!!

Just look at the fun you can have merging this little guy! not only is there a stack of bits in the Morgan Doll set........

There is an add on set too called Morgan Soccer and it's super cute!!
We had an awesome weekend. I am still pootling along in my little Lou way and have managed quite well with just a couple of anti sickness tablets being taken! go me! 
Today I am going to drop Mo off at school and get a bit of ironing done, then sneak in a little crafty fun before pick up time!

Thank you for popping in! Hugs Lou xx

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  1. Wonderful card, love these new additions. I got the fairy doll and made so many card combos, dont know when I will find the time to colour. Now I need to do all the morgan ones and the additions to the fairies first set of choices. Decisions decisions.

    How good is that only a couple of anti sickness tablets so far. Great to see you will get some more crafting time too. I assume school stops soon for the summer holidays so there will be lots of Mo time.


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