Sunday, 14 May 2017

Going Up Boy..........

Image- Going Up Boy.
Slider Card Tutorial- Dawn's Stamping Thoughts

Morning everyone! I'm in for you today with such a fun card. I absolutely loved making this one. I popped a link to the tutorial up there ^ under my photo incase anyone else wanted to have a go with this card base! 

And of course! Going Up Boy was just the perfect image for the job with his little balloon carrying him and his sock monkey off on an adventure!!

Here is the card open! eeeeeeeeeep!! so cute with that little hidden birthday message! I love it!!

And this is how he opens up! so cute!! I do love a super fun card!!

So my 2nd dose of chemo didn't go exactly to plan on friday!! I had a bad reaction to it after just 24mls and it had to be stopped while they quickly gave me some piriton and extra steroids to sort me out.I have never felt so yucky. I couldn't breathe properly and my head felt like mush and the nurses told me my face was a glorious shade of cherry red! but they were so super in sorting me out I was ready to go again after 30 minutes rest. My vein refused to flush at the end of my chemo and the nurse was worried it might blow if she tried anymore which would mean chemo drugs in all the wrong places so they removed my cannula.

My veins are so feather thin I am having to have a Picc Line fitted in a couple of weeks. I'm a little nervous of that but it will be so much easier for everyone in trying to get me sorted because trying to get a vein to get chemo meds and IV's in is quite a trauma! he he!!! so the Picc Line will go into the top of my right arm for the next 4 doses of chemo. It's not too long so I'll just get those big girl pants pulled right up and get on with it!!

To stop me getting sick like last time (...hopefully!!!) I have been given some special injections to inject myself with for 7 days to make those little white cells boost for me instead of deplete too much like last time. I was a little nervous about doing them but pulled up my big girls pants and went for it! Pinch an inch, 45 degrees, push it in and the job is done! Go me!! First nivestim injection done! 💉
So I am learning new skills each time!! he he!! Thank you for popping in, Hugs Lou xx


  1. Lou your card is gorgeous hun! Love the 'uplift', very clever!! Your card is gorgeous and you are even more so, can't believe all you're having to go through and to have the veins be so tricky to tap isn't cool. The pic line will sort you out though, I'm glad they've gone for that option. You'll be much better off with that, than being used as a pincushion each time. Not good to hear about the meds reaction! So you didn't get a full dose of chemo this time?! Not good to have reacted so violently. Hugs and thoughts of nothing but success on the next round. Rest and recoup friend. It'll knock you sideways for a time, but you're staying in such good spirits, it's amazing! Love and hugs, Wends xoxo

    1. Yep, still got full dose Wendy so that's good at least, the drugs they gave me to counteract the reaction worked well and they got me sorted ever so quickly. Tachycardia didn't last too long and after 30 mins rest I was ready to get the rest of the dose in!They are an amazing team. I am doing good resting today I think...though it's an alien form for me to be like this!! he he he!!!!! huge hugs and love hunny xxx

    2. Ooh I'm so glad to read this hunny. Sending hugs and healing thoughts. You're doing so awesome chick! Mwah xoxo

  2. Your card is fabulous, hun, love the lift! Sounds like you have your big girl pants on good and proper - stay strong, Jo x

  3. Love your interactive card. I'm so sorry you're having a hard time with the chemo, it's bad enough having to have chemo without extra stuff to boot! You're very brave giving yourself injections, I must admit that's one thing I would find very difficult, but I guess we do what we have to. So glad you are staying positive because I firmly believe that's the best medicine of all. Sending soft hugs and hopes for a better session next time xx

  4. Cute card. The nails look good, too.

    Don't be nervous about having the PICC line put in. It doesn't really hurt. You do have to stay still though. You'll actually like having the PICC line. It's so much better since your skin is so thin right now. I've had one a few times. It's kind of interesting watching them put it in. Or at least they let you watch where I live. So sorry to hear about the reaction but I'm glad you got the full dose. Stay strong.


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