Monday, 10 July 2017

Porch Tilda..........

Stamps- Porch Tilda.
DooHickey Dies- Grandpa's flower leaf.

Phewsh!! am on a painting break!! Having chemo makes me a bit tireder than I normally would be so while the 2nd coat on our bedroom is drying I am having a bloggy break to share this little card with you that I made on yesterday's paint break!! (....well, sitting down is resting in my eyes right?!!).

If you missed the Magnolia stamps pop up box 3 then you need to pootle on over to Swedish House Crafts and order some of the scrumptiously cute stamps and dies that came in it. Oh my do I love them!! 

I also used one of my Little B's Block Out dies for this card. I love how it makes such a simple but really effective cut out sentiment with the Kraft card showing through and of course....I couldn't resist using that gorgeous Small Daffodil die either!!! I nestled it in between some pretty flowers and those wonderful DooHickey leaves.

Oooooooooooh my arms do feel like jelly!!!! I am most looking forward to my baked sweet potato to umpf me back up for the next coat of paint activities!! I may be pooped out but it does feel so very good to have a fresh coat of paint on. I've finished our little En Suite and it looks so wonderful. The grey bathroom paint I chose has a special little glitter pack you can add to it. I chose silver and it's a subtle beautiful shimmer when the sun catches it, luckily our En Suite is just small so there was plenty left for me to carry the theme of glittery bottom and whisper white top into our bedroom.....I am actually like Lady Glitter Sparkles from Trolls!!!!

Right, time for me to pop off and see what I fancy colouring now...see!! waiting for paint to dry isn't that boring when you do it Lou Style!!!!! Thank you for popping in, Lou xxx


  1. That is so fab! Love it! :D soooo much! and THANK YOU SO MUCH for referring to Swedish House Craft shop.. hmm, santa may visit you early this year, but wearing postis, don't be confused lol!

  2. This is so cute. A nice front porch to sit on. I love the colors and the flower with the fabulous country leaves.

    Your paint sounds so pretty. A lot of work that does have that satisfaction afterwards. It's like you can't stop staring at it.


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