Monday, 7 November 2011

Night Night sleep tight Zac xxxx

Zac Daubney 1994-2011.
Hello Peeps.

Today my post is for my beautiful dog, Zac.

I am a little bit numb and so very very sad. Today our gorgeous Zac went to sleep. It was such a very very hard decision but his back legs had gone and he was struggling. Scott and I have been putting off loosing him because we love him so very dearly but after a year of our beautiful Zac struggling and going so very thin we had to say good night to him. He has been the most wonderful friend anyone could wish for and when I can stop crying I am sure I will be able to remember those times properly but for now, it just hurts.

The vet was so wonderful and caring and I cuddled him up tight to me as he went off to sleep. Scott and I are totally heartbroken and it is all sinking in for Little Mo at the moment. I have scheduled my Tiddly Tuesday blog post for tomorrow as I am just too upset to do too much tonight and need a night to let it all sink in properly. I am so sorry if I miss all your lovely creations for a couple of days while I sort myself out.
It is the hardest thing and I miss him so very much already.

Hugs Lou xxxx


  1. Oh what a shame. Just had to unlurk to say how sorry I am. RIP Zac. Jaqui x

  2. Oh Lou
    I am so saddened for you to read this post - it must have been such a difficult decision to make and I'm sure that it was the right thing to do for Zac's sake.
    Sending the biggest of cyber hugs to you and your family.
    Take care of eachother.
    Debs xx

  3. So sorry to hear abou Zac, my thughts are with you and your family, lot's of hugs too!

  4. Lou, my heart is hurting for you all. I know you agonized over the decision, and it's just not fair that knowing you've done the best thing for Zac, doesn't relieve you of any of the pains of loss. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and sending hugs your way.

  5. My heart is just breaking for you. I have 2 furry babies and would be devastated.

  6. Oh Lou,really thinking of you all and take care.
    love and hugs,Lou.xxxxx

  7. Oh Lou. :( I'm so very sorry hon. I know it's just devastating. I'm thinking of you.

  8. Lou...what a sad day for you all.
    We are struggling with the same decision about our beautiful black lab, Bonnie....she's 13 and her hip is very bad, and she's now incontinent, poor love.
    We know we have to choose the day, but it's soooo hard.
    You have been very courageous, and I hope we can be, sad for you and Little Mo.
    Sleep tight Zac.

  9. Oh Lou, I'm so sorry. My friend at work lost her beautiful dog today too. Sending you all big hugs.

  10. Hi my sweetie I am soooo soooooo sorry for the loss of Zac, he was a big part of your family hun. He is at peace now hun & free from pain.
    I am sending the hugest of hugs to you all hun I really am so sorry shug.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  11. Lou, I am so sad when I read this. Sounds just like our Harvi in his last year. Such a hard decision to make and yet we know we are doing the right thing for them. It's so difficult not to become selfish at times like this and it's so much easier to understand when they go of their own accord. Hope he finds our Harvi and becomes his friend. Thinking of you all xXx

  12. I am so so so sorry about your little Zac... I know what it is like to say good-bye to a beloved pet and my heart hurts with yours... Sending lots and lots of hugs...

  13. Oh no Lou, I didn't realise and just had to come and read your blog post. I am truly truly sorry and can only sympathise as you come to terms with your loss... our family pets play such an important part in out lives and continue to give us unconditional love day in day out for all of their lives.

    I am so so sad for you right now and reading this has made me cry because no matter what, it comes to us all - we all have to face losing our beloved animals at some point - and it really doesn't bare thinking about. I'm sure Zaccy had a full and happy life with you and though its little consolation, you truly did what you did because you continued to love him and be the best owner he could have had, because you didn't let him suffer and made the decision based on pure selfless grounds.

    I hope it gets easier as the days go by, but remembering the little things he did and any habits he had will soon make you smile in rememberance.

    Sending you massive hugs, and again, so so sorry for your loss.

    Paula x x x


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