Saturday, 20 July 2013

Violet Vintage with No DP's....!!!

Afternoon peeps!!
its my turn to post a bit of something over on the Saturated Canary challenge blog later today and I saw a challenge I just had to have a go at yesterday!! some of my gorgeous friends are on the Creative Romance challenge blog DT and their challenge this time is No Designer papers.

Omg major gulp and leap out of my comfort zone but their creations got me so inspired I just had to pull up my slightly bigger then they were when I weighed a stone more 6 weeks ago big girl pants and hop outta that comfort zone!!!!

So I rummaged around my cardstock and found some embossed card, plonked it in the prinetr, spoke to Violet Vintage and asked her to print nicely, spoke to card and asked it even nicelier not to bleed when I coloured and spoke to texty stamp and asked it to stamp nicely on embossed card!!!! and wohooooo! it all came together!!!!! and even more amazingly for me I managed No Dp's and CAS all at the same time! go me!!!

I decided Violet needed some cool glasses to go with her dress and cool chick kinda look so after I had coloured up her eyes I added a little lavender promarker and some glossy accents.To stamp the text over her I used my frisket to mask off her legs and handbag and I really do love how that came out!

So if I can give you one bit of crafty fun today it is to step out of your comfort zone!! huge thank you's to the Creative Romance teamies for inspiring me to go for it!

Physio did not go as planned yesterday as there is a problem with my left leg and the lovely lady spent all the time trying to work out what was wrong with it. To cut it short I no longer have a reflex in my left leg and it is kinda sleeping a bit when I need to lift it. I am good fro walking through she said I have a limp. Now that made me cry like a big girls blouse because I hadn't noticed that at all :( but the good news was that the loosing weight is really helping the nerve damage in my back. So left leg is getting scheduled in for some 'Conduction testing' (...lou imagines standing in middle of a field in a lightening storm waving a big metal stick.....) 

Mo is much better today, he was feeling a lot more himself by teatime yesterday and wanted to go for our normal treat night tea which for him is chippies,battered sausage and beans. He only fancied chips and a plain sausage but he ate them nicley. I have stopped feeling sick and just have sore ear and throat pain so that is a big improvement too, a bit more resting today and then I hope I will be fixed! 
I will leave you with some piccies of my guys shootin hoops at the park last night. We took a picnic blanket so we could have our treat tea in the park, Mo loves that as it has this hoop and omg can he get that ball in that hoop! it was funny last night because some big boys came and they couldn't do it and told Mo he should be a basketball player, well you can imagine how much that made his day can't you?! he was still chattering about that as he fell off to sleep last night!!
Thank you for popping in on me
huge hugs Lou xxx


  1. WOW!!! This is stunning Lou. One of my favourite SC images coloured perfectly, I especially like her glasses. Such a fabulous layout too.
    Sorry that your physio did not go as planned, I hope the conduction testing goes okay!
    Glad Mo is feeling better now, I hope you have a wonderful weekend
    hugs Sue xx

  2. You make a card with no designer papers look amazing! A beautiful card!

  3. Wow Lou, it's stunning!
    I found it hard out of my comfort zone too, Delphine set a proper challenge.
    Hope you are both feeling well again soon.
    I had a similar image for your conduction testing, but it involved a metal plate for you to stand on too, but I'm sure it won't be that bad.
    Thanks for joining us at ACR,
    Hugs, Becky x

  4. This is a gorgeous card hun xxx

  5. Your card is totally gorgeous Lou ! Your colouring is really fantastic...
    So glad to hear that Mo is better... Sorry about the physio... You must be so proud of your weight loss... Got to loose a bit myself... Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  6. Ohhh WOW! Lou this is really great I love it!! I'm glad little Mo and yourself are feeling much better huggles Sue xx

  7. so stunning lou.fabulous cas design and I love your gorgeous girl and colouring.
    so pleased mo is feeling better and great pics of him and your hubby.
    really hope the pyhsio can sort your leg out hun and huge congrats on your weight loss :D

    xx coops xx

  8. I {heart} this card!! Gorgeous!!!

  9. Totally amazeballs sweetie I love it!
    Hugs xx Cara xx

  10. A very sweet card and I love how you explained how you did each step. Awesome coloring.

    Sorry you are going to have to go through nerve conduction tests. I hope you get good news. I have had the tests numerous times. You should find out a lot from them. Best wishes!

  11. Totally gorgeous Lou,thank you for joining us at A creative romance this week.
    Louise xx

  12. knocked it out the park xx

  13. Hi!just had to pop back to this sweetie Lou,it is a gorgeous card and amazing colouring too.
    Lovely to read that you are both feeling a bit better and great photos.They love it when they get praise from the older ones,bless him he is very good.x.
    Sophie has spent all day sorting out her bedroom,it wasn't that bad really but she enjoyed looking at alot of her years school work..can't believe she goes to College in Sept.Hope its a long summer lol!
    BIG hug,Lou.xxxx

  14. Your no DP card is gorgeous Lou! Love to see Mo have a throw with Papa too. Awesome! Hope you're feeling loads better too hun xxx


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