Thursday 30 March 2017

Be your Best..........and a Lou update!!

Stamps- Mini Remix Boys from TGF.
Dies- Mini Remix boys die cuts from TGF.
Blush, Sunkissed Pink, Coral and Burnt Orange- Skin.
Satin, Sandstone, Caramel and Burnt Sienna- Hair, trousers, sneakers & T-shirt.
Pastel Blue, Denim Blue and Midnight Blue- Over shirt.

Morning everyone!

I've had a morning of walking today as I needed to get a prescription taken to my Drs surgery so decided I'd walk there, then my BF took me for another walk when I got home so I've only just had chance to sit down and turn on my pooter!!

On saturday I received uber happy mail from my gorgeous friend, Joni. It was this amazing little stamp and die set and I am over the moon with it ( she sent me the most beautiful papers too but they are still in the 'stroke only' stage of Lou-ness!!!!).I was so excited to use it yesterday that I just had to make something for the PFP challenge this week which is 'add a button or 2'.Buttons are just perfect for those little guy cards because its like embelly minus the flower feel!! he he!!!!

I ran out of time to post it last night because I was so sore after my appointment at the hospital ( there's nothing quite like a good poke of your wound area and nipple island check to make you feel like hiding in the duvet!!! he he!!!).

But...It was such excellent news!! the lymph nodes they took came back negative so they are clear of cancer which is such a relief! My wounds are all looking good and the little bit of stitch site meanies yuckiness on Nipple Island should heal all on its own soon. The pain in my arm is also normal and could take a long time to stop but just to manage it with pain relief and exercise. I do have to have chemotherapy so I didn't get my free pass card this time but lets be honest, a few months of chemo is a very little price to pay for such a disease...and I am going to rock it.

Now, my consultants and nurses at the breast clinic are just amazing. They went through in great detail with me yesterday all the bits that are going to happen and I am going to loose my hair...everywhere! so with that in mind, I came home and put a plan into action. I want to say a Lou kinda Thank you to the amazing team at Lincoln Breast Unit. Without them, my story could be a whole tonne different and I have decided that a fun way to help will be to have all my hair shaved off after my first chemo treatment dose.

There are a couple of reasons why I want to get it shaved before it starts to fall out. I want to be in control and those locks of hair are going to work for their freedom!! I have set up a fundraising page. You can find it HERE or by clicking on the linky at the top of my right hand sidebar over there>>>>>>>>>>>

In 43 days time, on 12th May 2017 my fundraising page will close and I will be getting my hair shaved off.I am not afraid or dissapointed in the least to loose my hair, it's all part and parcel of keeping me in top Lou form and I am more than happy to listen and do all I am told by my oncologist. I have been a little surprising for them all along with firstly having the rare Pagets Disease, then having an actual invasive tumour in there too and then my HER 2+ and ER PR- results. He is still deciding how best to do my treatment plan so I'm not sure how often I will be going yet but I have to start Zolodex first in 2 weeks time to 'switch off' my ovaries to try and prevent an early menopause while I have my chemo. That is an injection in my tummy every 4 weeks until the end of chemo...ouch!! he he!!

So the search for lovely little beanie hats and crocheted fun wigs has begun!! And I have started to practice to tie thin scarves as my little hair loss booklet tells me too....Preparation is key right?!!

Sorry for all the Lou waffleage today!!!!! I'm off for a nap now!!

Huge hugs and love, Lou xxxxx


  1. Love you tons Lou, we are here with you every step of the way! This card is just perfectly Lou. ♡

  2. You can delete this, Lou. I think you're very smart to let loose of the hair. My mother in law's hair came out in clumps sometimes and it would have been less traumatic on her to take it off. You might want to consider braiding two locks of your hair starting from the top to give to your favorite little and big man. I hope you find some really cute and zany scarves/hats to wear. I don't know you but I am so proud of you for being so strong. Good luck, Lou. I think you're going to do great.

  3. Preparation is the key, Lou. You're outlook will serve you well. That was really great news you got yesterday.

    In the meantime before you shave the hair off, maybe you and little man could make your hair the color of a unicorn with easy to remove hair chalk. Have fun and play with it. Let someone brush it till you fall asleep.

    If you want to set up a P.O. Box we can bombard you with cards or pretty scarves.

    It's so sweet of you to fundraise for the clinic. What a great team you have there.

  4. Your amazing, I have to say, you must already know this, but you just are and I wish you all the best for the your little cutie to visit your fundraising

    1. Thank you so much for your donation and lovely words Janette xxxxx

  5. Lou, first, this card is beyond adorable! Such a gorgeous stamp and wonderful gift from Joni. We love ya, you know?! SO relieved to read the lymph nodes were clear hunny, that's a MAJOR win in your 'not the usual route' journey hun. I actually cried when I read this, I'm so relieved!! The whole shaving your head thing, I think that is brilliant, this is YOU being in control and so totally a Lou way to handle things. I think it's brilliant. Even better if you were able to donate your beautiful hair to a cancer kids wig charity! There'd be something poetic about that! Sending massive hugs and I'm off to donate to your page. You're always thinking of others Lou. You truely are inspirational! Hugs, Wends xoxo

  6. Fabulous card Lou, love the design, the papers and of course the gorgeous stamp too! Wishing you all the very best with your treatment and fundraising too! Thank you so much for joining the 'Add a button or 2' challenge at Passion for promarkers this week, good luck in the prize draw and I hope to see you again soon,
    Love Jacky x


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