Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Friends are the chocolate chips in life........

Morning everyone!

I felt like having a Tiddly Tuesday today!! Today will be mostly powered by me trying to find some kind of caffeine that does not give me reflux to keep me awake since I woke at 1:45am this morning ( thank you very much for the party chemo pains, let's not do it again tonight!! lol!!!) so a bright and cheery little make was just what I needed to get the Lou brain in the game today!!!

I have a busy week again! Today i am visiting the vampire bank (AKA my nurse!!) to give them some more bloods to test, then tomorrow I have an appointment with my oncologist to see how I am doing, thursday I am having my new PICC line fitted and friday is chemo day...phewsh!!! and it's half term too so I am squeezing a tonne of Mo time and snuggles right in there too!

Right, I need to get a shifty on. I am going to treat myself to a lovely walk to the drs surgery I think. Sometimes its good to just womble along Lou style in the fresh air.Not sure what Mo and I are going to do for the rest of the day but I do need to pop out and get some cake making bits so that will be on the plan somewhere.

Huge hugs and thank you's for popping in, Lou xxx


  1. Yummy looking card. Especially the cookie barrette.

    Lou, I pray that other people have the strength to deal with their medical situations in the way that you do. You are such a trooper. Now, womble on!

  2. Beautiful card, but more importantly, beautiful attitude. A positive attitude got me through my journey so far, and it will get you through yours! It's all good in the end! Keep fighting the good fight!

  3. Sweet card, who don't like chocolate chip cookies :) but I also like your attitude to
    what you are going through. Hope you have a good support network and friends. Stay strong x

  4. Beautiful card Lou, so glad you are keeping your positive self through everything, I hope all is going well and that you get a good nights sleep tonight. I don't comments much on FB, but know that I am always thinking of you xx


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