Wednesday 10 December 2008

A twist on christmas tree's!!

I made this card a while ago when I was playing with different ideas for my christmas cards!! I popped it on my docrafts gallery but am popping it on here now. I have so many cards left to do but I am having one of those 'need to get myself going' nights tonight!!! anyway, i used my george cart with the silhouette flower setting and stuck all the flowers onto a green triangle from george stretched in ds. I gave it a good dusting with glitter glue but it wouldn't show up in my photo!!! The paper behind it is mulberry paper, a great tip for anyone interested in the way I rip it to get the fluffy edge is to dip your finger in water and run it straight down the edge you want to rip, when it is nice and damp, gently pull away the edges of the paper and when it dries you get that lovely fluffy edge!!