Monday 20 February 2017

Feel super soon!!

Image- Super Day.

Morning everyone!!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I'm in to share a make with you today using Super Day. I made this card for the dream team blog hop but I got a bit worried incase my post didn't ping up and bodged up the hop if I had to stay in hospital! so instead I have scheduled her up for my monday Dream Team make (....because I should be home by now and able to press a couple of buttons if it fluffs up!! he he he!!!!!)

She is so fun I thought she would be perfect for a get well card!...bit like making myself one!! 

** Lou update**
Surgery day came on wednesday. I got a little nervous and needed some sedation to keep my BP happy before my op but it really helped and made me feel much more at ease...pretty much like half a bottle of whiskey in 5 little tablets!! lol!!! Scott took this photo just as soon as I got back from the recovery room.

All in all, I am doing pretty good. I am sooooo sore, but painkillers do work....they are my best little fluffy bunnies of happiness...!! lol!!!!!!! The worst part for me was this drain and the reaction my skin had to the hyposcrub wash.
Yesterday I decided to try on a few clothes and it was beyond hilarious...

yup! I am The Hunchtit of Notre Dame!!!!!

But all in all I am doing good peeps and plodding on in my normal Lou way!!! the Little Man took this piccy for me on friday morning ...
Friday lunchtime looked like this for wound review and my drain out and OH MY GOODNESS, that REALLY hurt!!!!! 
But I am really doing ok I think. Scott took me shopping for a couple more supportive bra's yesterday and the bruising is really sore....
But I think all in all Mini boob is doing ok. Mini kinder eggs and bassetts jelly bunnies are helping me to get through the whole thing quite nicely!! now I just need to heal and wait for the results to come in...oh and another wound review on friday....Lou inserts small scream...arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......!!!!!

Thank you so much for popping in
Hugs Lou xx