Thursday 8 May 2014

You have me hearty!!.......

Image- Tammi Buccaneer from Saturated Canary
( this image is only available as a freebie from our Facebook group.) 

Morning peeps!!!

I hope you are all having a good week! My wrist has been fully rested for 2 days now and it is sore and stiff but I am sure it will get better today once I try to use it some more. I am really looking forward to walking my little pawsy peeps today and have mum's new little lady to go see today too as mum is at the hospital.

So whilst mooching on monday about my sore wrist I popped my Tammi Buccaneer card together. She is a digi only available in our Facebook group ( the link is under the picture) and I just love her!

I even made a little sentiment to go with her because she will be for Scott for our anniversary card in august! go me so organised!! he he he!! oh if only I was a cute pirate girl that would make his day completely!!!!!!

Well, thats me for today. I have to sort out a few little bits to put away as we found an uber bargain yesterday!! we won a solid oak 200cm long table on ebay for £36.53!! omgosh!! you would not believe how excited I was! we had sent the man a message asking how much he wanted for it for a buy it now and he replied £250, so we said thank you but we would bid because we only had £50 saved up and when we won it I just couldn't believe it!!!!! so a super happy me sat at one end yesterday and Scott sat at the other as he was working from home! its just gorgoeus!!!

sooooooo cool!!!! I get excited about the daftest things! 

thank you for popping in on me
huge hugs Lou xxxx