Sunday 4 June 2017


Image- Pigeons.
Pigeon Papers- from Vinthstock on Etsy.
Hi everyone!

I'm in for you today with a bit of a super special make for me because Maurie drew this image for me. My Grandad had a car accident last year and has been quite poorly since so I wanted to make him a super special card to let him know how special he is to me.

My Grandad breeds and races pigeons and I asked Maurie if she could draw me a senior man with pigeons and oh boy did she deliver, I just absolutely love him. So click on the piccy below to pop into the store and get him for yourself, he is just magic.

So I went with a little 'hello' kinda card because they are always the loveliest when you are not expecting anything in the mail. It was such a welcome escape from feeling a bit rough from chemo today.

So on thursday I was 40! and I had my Picc Line fitted at 9am in the morning for a present! lol!! there I was in my pretty birthday Calvin Klein dress getting all kitted out with a Powerpicc solo 2 catheter!!! I know how to rock a birthday right?!!!

Now, I've got to be honest and say I'm finding it kinda tricky to get used to but it did make chemo a lot easier on friday as we didn't have the whole try and find a vein trauma to go through so that was a lovely bonus!!

Right. I am going to attempt to do a little bit of gardening now, just a teeny bit. I bought 3 lavenders and some trailing lobelia from the car boot sale this morning so I want to get them in to catch the rain that looks like it is going to happen soon!!

Huge hugs and thank you for popping in, Lou xxxx