Monday 16 October 2017

Dogs in a boat...

Image- Dogs in a boat.
Papers- Beach Cottage from The Lovely Studio.
Morning everyone! 

I'm in with my Dream Team post of the week for you today and I couldn't resist those gorgeous sailing hounds,Dogs in a boat. Aren't they just sweethearts? awww that guy at the front with the lifesaver just makes me go awwwwwwwwww!!

They really didn't need anything else but them to make a sweet little card using those stunning  Beach Cottage from The Lovely Studio for someone but I did get the urge to glossy accent the sea I coloured for them to sail on!! 

So yesterday afternoon there was a faithful pooter died....sob this is not too awful because my gorgeous husband often backs my pooter up for me and he is also super techy so I've not lost anything important to me but it's still sad to say goodbye to the comfort of log ins known land!!! romfl...yes peeps, I will be that person quietly swearing as she tried to remember her passwords for everything instead of the pooter just knowing them!!!!  Luckily, I know most of them off by heart but there will no doubt be a few I totally don't know and the heaven that is bookmarks will be lost!!

We have ordered a new one from the catalogue that should be here in the next few days so for now it will be the small walk out to the garage to use Scott's super whizzy thing if I really need to!

Right, I had better get my bug bum into gear and get ready for the day. It's my mummy's birthday today so I need to pop her card and pressie over to her and school run and then it's some crafty indulgence for me. I'll be working on my Make it Crafty secret santa card. I'm so excited about that! I love to make little bits for people.

Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xxx