Thursday 18 December 2014

Dare to make your teenage son a christmas card....!!!

Image- Dare from Mo's Digital pencil.
Hi everyone!!

phewh! I am not actually sure where this week went!! lol! but with Mo's birthday and my mum having another operation on her back it seems to of swooshed away with me!!

But, all is not bad as I did get time to sit down and make my big boys christmas card today. Christmas cards for cool 14 yr olds are tough so I decided to go all out cool!! 

I grabbed Dare from Mo's Digital Pencil and settled in for some colouring and cool paper fun. All I really needed to do was add a few cool cogs (...I don't know why, the papers just called cogs to me!!!)

And I even got some time with him this afternoon and he came with me to pick Mo up from school which was a wonderful surprise for Mo and he was so pleased to see his big bro!! 

The end of term has come just on time as Mo is absolutely shattered, as I type he is falling asleep on the settee with Dasher, watching 'A Monster in Paris' so I am going to go run a nice warm bath and get him snuggled down for a good nights sleep!!

Huge hugs to you all
Lou xxx