Thursday 29 January 2015

Bronte and Louis...

Papers- Bronte paper past freebie from Mo's digital pencil.
Yellow spotty paper...mmmm...can't remember!! lets call it...
 'left in stash pile and looked yummy'?!!!

Hi everyone!!
well it was a gorgeously snowy kinda day here today. I took some time to stare out of the window at the flakes tumbling down and have some crafting fun!!

Now, you will laugh at this one!!...I coloured my super cute little Louis...but the cardstock I chose sucked...I mean like really sucked!! I will not be using it again! lol! but all was not lost because I had a new bottle of crackle glaze to play with and decided this little guy would be perfect for it!!

To give you and idea of how much he needed rescuing..this is how he loooked before crackle glaze fun!.....poor lil guy looks like he has a huge case of chicken pox a la pants no blendy paper!!!
I pushed on though and finished his hair...( couldn't resist colouring them up like my little Mo and Dasher) and then it was time for 2 good coats of crackle glaze. I let it dry and then gave the little guy a good roll in my hands to bring out the cracks some more and then gave it a rub with some walnut stain distress ink.

I am so pleased I didn't trash it because it came out so cute! then I just had to print out the Bronte papers Maurie gave as a freebie ages ago, I chose the blue green one to go with the blues and greens in my colouring, layering it up with a little bit of spotty paper I found in my crafty stash pile on my desk.

I have finished my Twilight marathon and moved onto Blade now!! 2nd one tonight so have tomorrow night to watch the last one and....super exciting.....I get 4 of my new windows in tomorrow!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!! we saved hard and can only afford 4 this time and then a few more in a couple of months!! wohooo!! our old ones are terrible!! the came with the new build it was and they suck! they let air in even when they are fully shut!! and Mo is super sensitive to wind and noise and that scares him so I can't wait for him to have a lovely well fitted window in.

Right, time for me to pootle off!! you must all be asleep from my waffling by now!!!

huge hugs Lou xxx