Tuesday 7 July 2009

Diaper cake!! no eggs reqiured!! lol!!!

Helllooooo!!!!! not a card or anything made of paper which is wierd for me!! lol !!!!
Tonight I made a diaper cake for a friend at work who is having a baby shower for a friend. I based it on the really cute, squishy teddy I bought to go on top and covered the nappies in some sheer voile that is a champagney kind of colour. I found some brown gingham ribbon and made the flowery thingies at the front by tying an elastic band around a bit of viole and then trimming it, i pulled it around a little to make the flowery/rouchey kind of effect. I think I might get addicted to making!!!
I have to report though that I have been naughty and spent my months allowance on some yummy things from the new 'stampin up' catalogue that my lovely friend rosy sent me (......actually I have decided I was good actually because my wish list is a lot longer than the bits that I did order!!! lol!!!) I ordered 2 lovely oval punches and an oval stamp set and next month I will be starting on the inks and the rollarounds look cute too and ..............!!!! lol!!! Rosy, you bad enabler you!!!! lol!!!!
Well I am off to catch some zzzzz's now!!
thankyou for popping in!!!! xxxxxxxxx