Friday 22 May 2015

Little Mo's Big Bike Ride..

in the school bike shed after he arrived.

Well, I just don't know where to begin with this post! I am so emotional I don't know whether to laugh or cry (...actually we have had a bit of a blubber here since we got home!! yes...dafty parents are us!!!) but we are so so very proud!.

The little guy was very nervous last night after having his photo taken by the local newspaper and so nervous when he got up this morning but he ate his marmite on toast, drank his warm milk and was soon on task (..the fact that mummy gave him a mini packet of refresher fizzy sweeties might of helped too....!!)

At 7:30am he got on his little BMX (...yes...a gears or fancy light frame..a bulky BMX!!) waved to his friends who were watching him go out of the window and just kept pedaling!! he was truly an inspiration. 9.2 miles of little Mo pedal power!!!

He fell off once and after a little cry and rub of the sore bottom where he landed on his bike frame, he was up and going again. ( that in itself is amazing because normally he would refuse to go back on something that has hurt him). Other than when he fell, I don't think he stopped singing, chatting or smiling once!! he wanted his photo taking with every new village sign on his way!!!

And that big hill he was frightened of....was big! and scary but he took it slow with his brakes on and he conquered it! He even made it to school on time!! this photo was taken by daddy when Mo was half way down the hill!! he had already conquered the part he was most worried about!!

and his little made it all the way on the ride with all the names of the gorgeous people who had donated before we left home and is now pootling around school with Mo because he wouldn't let go of it!!!

Thank you for popping in on me! off to rub some deep heat into my bum and back now!!! lol!!

Huge hugs Lou xxx