Thursday 9 June 2016

Mega mini amazing............

Morning everyone! 

Lou in with a make for you today and I was soooo excited to finally get my little TGF Mega Mini Amazing stamps and dies!! They are seriously cute!!! and I was in the mood for something a bit different so I teamed them up with my TE Plot Twist stamp set and my Die Namics wonky stitched circle stax die set for a cute little pop up front kinda card! well, you know me, I love a bit of poperooo!!!

Here's the little slider front opened. I do love a little surprise to slide open and the little sentiments on the  TGF Mega Mini Amazing stamp set are just so uplifting and cute I needed to use a few and that lovely little bundle of stars to finish it off.

So yesterday I began my Get Lou Fit regime. I have put on a stone since I finished work and it's time to sort me out. I have decided on brisk walking for my daily 'I can do this' routine so on went my trainers and off I went!! I weighed a whopping 13st 8lbs last tuesday,and this tuesday after changing a few eating habits, 13st 6lbs so I decided to try and keep the momentum going. I have awful sunburn on my shoulders so a bra has been a no no. (, if the vision of those those 38FF boobs swaying free in the fast walking speed don't make you run for a tena lady moment right away, here's how the walk went.....)

Brisk walk get my head...I was a totally glamorous Lou,sashaying along like snow white,talking to the birds that land on her shoulder as I walked along...Reality...2 miles into 4 mile walk..talking to birds? yeah right, I was just concentrating on breathing and keeping pace up...3 miles into walk...sashaying glamourously???WHATEVER!!! jeeeeeeees I needed a wee and was concentrating hard on pelvic floor not letting me down and glamourously letting out pee as I walked!! 4 miles and home...thank for wee, drink 500ml water and treat friction burn from the fat wing bat wing on my right arm!!! then I realised I have friction burns on both fat wing bat wings and my inner thigh...and they are soooo sore but I will not be beaten!!!! 

So today I will do the same 4 mile brisk walk but with a long top on and some good tight leggings to stop the rubbing together of fat bits.I am going to keep positive and rock this loose the blubber mission!!...I will fail epicly along the way but there is no journey without learning lessons!!!

Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xxx