Thursday 20 March 2014


skin- Burnt sienna,caramel and sandstone.
Dress- coral,sunkissed pink and blush.
Morning everyone!!

well I am running a squidge behind with posting today! not sure why! I just seem to be a bit slow today!!!

Its my turn to post over on the SC Inspiration blog and today I decided to ink up the stunning Eva stamp. I do just love her so much because she reminds me of my 2 little sisters, so i went with their skin colours for this one.

And oh my, those papers!! I broke into my stroke only Bo Bunny collection pack for this one because I needed some floaty light paper gorgeousness and of course a couple more pages of that fabulous 7 Dots Studio The Queens Heart. I love those sentiments they have written in there and they are just right for the feel I wanted for this card, like a dreamy floaty go out there and get what you want kinda mood.

Well, I have the munchies. I am feeling so much better today so I am going to go for it and grab a cuppa and a couple of slices of toast whilst I have a womble through facebook and bloggy land! 

Huge hugs for you all, thank you for popping in on me!
Lou xxxx