Friday 2 August 2013

Tea and a book.....

Afternoon Peeps!!!

I am late popping in today because Scott has been off today and I had icky physio this morning ( I really don't like physio, I find it really embarrassing !! being prodded,poked and maneuvered around and worst of all some of it hurts!!!) 
So after a that we took the little guy to Pizza Express for lunch for a treat. We LOVE pizza express but its a mega treat so we cashed in some tesco clubcard points in time for the holidays. Mo loved it! we go to the newark one which is around 30 mins away from our home because he loves sitting upstairs and watching all the boats go by. Today was especially exciting as 6 boats with people that all knew each other came in at the same time and some of them doubled up for 'parking' side by side, well Mo thought that was most excellent!! (plus he ate all of his lunch again which is always a bonus!!!) and he still loves the bambacinno he gets at the end of his meal! he thinks he ia real grown up when that comes! its so funny!!!

Anywho, onto my SMASH page!! I absolutely love this new image by Krista! It so reminded me of the mornings I sit there with my cuppa or chai latte thinking to myself ' mmmm...what shall I smash today?!'
I find it either comes in a big whoosh of one idea or a tonne of floaty little ideas that flutter around in my head like butterflies ( which is weird because I am petrified of butterflies!!!) so that is exactly what I smashed this afternoon!!!

We popped to pets at home and bought Poppy a new stag bone so she is happily playing throw, catch and chew the stag bone in the garden right now and Mo and Daddy are clening their bikes with toothbrushes and some bike cleany squirty stuff!!!! I love afternoons like this. The holidays feel like one big fun weekend! I love that!!

and here's me and the little guy at Pizza Express!!
I had to laugh at how wumpfy my dress looks at the back!!!!! this one has a puff ball kinda effect and it looks cute when I am standing up but sooooo weird when I sit down....oh well, if it wasn't wierd it wouldn't be me now would it?!!  romfl!!!

Thank you for popping in on me!
huge hugs Lou xxx