Saturday 9 May 2015


Image- Dee from Mo's Digital Pencil.
Afternoon all!!

Its my turn to post over on the clubhouse blog today and I decided on a bit of a birthday make today. The gorgeous Dee and her big cupcake were just what I needed to chillax on!!!

We have the plumber here today putting the new boiler in so a bit of colouring and making is just what I need to chill out with all the work going on around us!! he he he!!

I never actually know what I am going to do when I make a card! I just splodge stuff's on but I love how this one came out! and my desk might look oh boy messy but I had so much fun I really don't mind!!!

Right, I am off to get a cuppa. I am just starting to get a little bit cold without a teensy bit of heating on so a cuppa will do the trick!

Huge hugs Lou xx