Monday 15 February 2010

Booti-ful birthday card!!!

I have had this awesome template for this bra and pants card from stamp owls blog for ages(....2 years I think!!!) and I have used it so many times.

I noticed a few of them popping up on the cricut mb so I wanted to share this link to stamp owls blog too as for those nights when you just don't feel like getting out your cricut ( like me tonight because i feel rough!!) this is super.

This one is for a lovely friend of mine at work whose birthday is tomorrow. I love the pink embossed paper on this one ( thank you ikea!!) and the black lace goes so nicely with it. The card is cream hammered card for a more realistic skin look!!!! can't see it very well in the photo though.

The lacey bit is paper adhesive lace and I just pleat it to get it to go nicely around the edges of the bra and pants. A little black bow with a gem on and it is done. You can do them really quick and simple with the template but I love to take a bit more time and perfect the look of the lacey bit, makes it look a bit more lush!!!!

Its a little bit cheeky but I like it!!!!

Thank you for popping in xxxxx