Sunday 27 September 2009

poor little blog!!

Oh my poor little blog. I have been poorly this week with some sort of yukky fluey thing ( thankfully not swine flu!! lol!!) but I felt awful!!! cold,sore throat,dizzy,sick (the list goes on but is boring!! lol!!!) and oh boy did it make me cranky ( ...lou hangs head in shame and apologises to her poor workmates who spent all week with me being ill and cranky!!!)
So here is what I have been up to in dribs and drabs whenever i felt like it!! lol!!!
There were also a couple more but I have to keep them behind for a little while!!
colour challenge #7 and sketch wednesday #21 over on fctsc.
card sketch wednesday#22 over on fctsc.
card sketch wednesday #23 over on fctsc

happy mail for my lovely friend michelle!! we have been doing happy mails for nearly 2 years now!!!! time flies!!
Well, I have got an appointment with a rather large pile of ironing!! but that ok because I actually do love ironing!! its the fresh warm smell and the getting thr creases out that I love!!! I know,Iknow I am crazy !!
Thankyou for popping in!!!