Sunday 23 April 2017

You're my anchor.......

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Hi everyone! 

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. I've had a wonderful one so far and I even got a bit of crafting done yesterday! go me!!!

So I had a really special card I needed to make for Scott's parents and this gorgeous little Edwin with Binoculars just had to be the guy to help me in my quest for special card making-ness! he is such a sweetheart and goes super well with the sentiment form my stampin up Guy Greetings stamp set.

I coloured this little Edwin up while I was sat having my first chemo on friday and got busy on the card as soon as we got up on saturday!! it didn't take long to get cuteness altogether on one scrummy card!

So friday was my first chemo session, I had to be there for 6 hours due to it being my first one. I had to have my herceptin injection into my left leg to start off with,it was a 5 min slow push one ....oucheroo!!!! but don't worry peeps! I braved it out Lou style!! he he!! 
Then it was time to warm up my hand and try and cannulate me.....

That went rather Lou-ish! it took them 3 attempts for them to get a cannula into my dafty fairy Lou veins but once it was in we were ready to go!!
Then I it was onto the steroids...
Then it was time for the big boy of the day, the cancer critter chaser... the docetaxel ! he was so cool he even came in a black bag !!
And after 6 hours, I was allowed home at 5:15pm and then it was onto the big shave!! I had so much fun. My Best friends came and the children were here and my gorgeous friend Kristie came to shave my hair for me. She was amazing. She got Little Mo involved and made a ponytail for Mo to cut off. That helped him to understand the whole thing so much better and really feel a part of it. It was such a wonderful thing to see. My friend Kev came to take photographs so I can't wait to share some of those with you when they are ready!!

Then it was time for the rest of that long Lou hair to go!! it didn't take too long at all!!
And so far so good, I feel ok, a little tired today but still good. I have a little bit of a flush going on but not too bad at all all things considered!

Right, time to go! it's gorgeously sunny out there and we are going to enjoy some fresh air.

Huge hugs and snuggles for you all,
Lou xxxxx