Tuesday 27 August 2019

Because who doesn't love Llama's?!!!

Image- No Probllama from Tiddly Inks.
Good morning world!!

I hope you aren't all melting where you are out there?! It's been really hot here. I am not a heat lover. I adore seeing the sunshine but I am not a lover of the heat that comes with it!!

But, never mind that! How cute is No Probllama from Tiddly Inks??? TOOOOOOOO CUTE I hear you say!!!! I know right????

I teamed her up with some bright and zingalicious paper for this birthday make, I LOVE it!!

Right, I need to get on. There's Science to be done in Mo-melearning world today. We are still sticking with an hour for each subject until school term begins for normal school going children when we will swap to 3 hours a day ( 1 hour of each subject). Mo is doing so good. He is really keeping himself focused during that hour but one thing I have noticed is that he can't cope with any sound while he is learning. He gets really agitated by it so I cannot imagine how that felt in a classroom full of children for him. It really sort of breaks my heart that it felt like that for him for 3 years of secondary school but all I can do is help to support him from now on.

Have a magical day everyone, thank you so much for popping in. Huge hugs Lou xxx