Friday 30 January 2009

Michelle's happy mail!!

I have just finished talking to Michelle on facebook and her happy mail got to her so I can pop it on here now. Michelle and I swap cards and decided we would call it happy mail as it just cheers up our days when they plop onto the mat through the letterbox.
I used my new storybook cart for this one,ooooh I love it, its so versatile!!
I made the overlay for the card in ds by welding the letters of her name to 2 rectangles ( made by using 2 squares to avoid the dreaded 'x' error!!!) and because i was using double sided patterned cardstock I was able to pop the little accent overlays for the letters on 'flip shapes' function and cut it all out in one go!!! i love ds!!!! ohand I did the heart the same way too. The sentiment on the inside I made with my xyron design runner ( I like that too!!!) I inked theegdges of the card,all the letters and the little heart to make them stand out a little .I used foam squares to mount the letters and the heart but I had to cut them up into little strips!!! I gave them a little bit of sparkle with glitter glue and then went over the top with anita's 3d glaze ( love this stuff too, it makes things look so pretty and adds a new dimension.) I popped some little dovecraft gems in two of the corners and added a little bit of ribbon too.

I am going to bed now!!!! thankyou for popping in!!!

Thursday 29 January 2009

Football (for us in the UK!) soccer (for US!) card!!!!

Now I have finished Michelle's card I have been able to get on with a birthday card!! this is for the football mad little boy (arghhh,he's not so little now!!! I am getting old!!) that I used to nanny for. I used my soccer solutions cart for this one. Its funny because dh bought itas a surprise for me when it first came out and was quite a good deal and I wasn't toosure if I would use it but I use it quite a lot!!! I welded 2 football shadows together in ds and the I poped the overlay on. I added a bit more to the overlay using george as it loked a bit wierd without it, it is the little line near the E that I added.The font is doodletype with blue for the shadow and claret for the normal on top.He supports West Ham United football club so I used their team colours for his name and I googled the clubs emblem and printed it out on some card. I have put anita's 3d glaze on the letters and the emblem because I love the effect that it gives.
The ont inside the card is fro and it is called 'bend it', I downloaded it especially for this card as I thought it was cool for footy mad little guys!!! I did lots of doodle dots in black and white gel pen on the football to look like stitching(hand very achey now from attempting not too smudge it too much!!!) and some around the 'Happy birthday' too.
I am looking forward to the weekend, yippee friday tommorrow! I am ready for some snuggle time with mo and doing some nice mummy things. I have been informed by mo this morning that we are making some banana cakes with icing on so looks like it will be a messy old kitchen weekend!! He wants to make some chocolate playdough too for a sweety shop so I'd better get some cocoa!!!
Thanks for wombling my way xxxx

Wednesday 28 January 2009

Mini card.....Little but sooo cute!!

I have had a busy day today doing day 2 of my SENCo course and needed to unwind a bit after I had put Mo to bed so I decided to have a play and make a cute little mini card.The card is only 9x7cm and really does look cute!!! I cut the scalloped card from my new arrival cart,inked the edges and added a few doodle dots in blue. Then I printed out a few josh's (from grab-a-doodle-do). I cut three little rectangles and highlighted the edges of the bottom one with a silver gel pen, then inked it blue over that, I used a bit pf patterned paper for the 2nd layer and inked it softly and then the 3rd layer is the white cardstock I had printed Josh out on,trimmed into a rectangle with the edges inked in blue again and a few doodle dots. I have put 3d glaze on the little football and it looks really cool as it has a kind of domed shape but I think it is tricky to see in the picture! I haven't made a sentiment yet but I have just downloaded a really cool football font called 'Bend it' from so I think I will be using that for it. I have also made a really nice card for my lovely friend Michelle who I do 'happy mail' with but I don't want to post that until I know she has recieved it!! it is the first card I have made using my new storybook cart and I am really pleased with it!! I will post it soon!!

Monday 26 January 2009

My January Team Paper Perfection challenge entry!

Urghhhhh!!! I have monday feeling today!! Mo had a terrible night again with his asthma, he has a bit of an infection and is on antibiotics (again!) so I am terribly dopey!!!!
So I am cheering myself up by posting my team Paper Perfection January challenge entry. Over on the cricut mb I am taking part in this challenge,( the rules are below for anyone who might not of seen them!) this is the first challenge I have ever entered so I am very excited and voting starts on the 29th January over on the cricut mb. Please feel free to click on the links for the teams and check out the other amazing entries from our teams. I have really enjoyed being part of this and there is another sign up going for february (if it isn't already full!!).
Have a lovely monday everyone xxxx
here are the details of our challenge to remind you all!
1. Create a LO or Card with the numbers 2009 .
2. Your creation must have 2009 cut from a cricut cartridge
3. When you have your project ready to post , your team must create a Thread with the Title " January Cricut Team Challenge (your team name).
4. Every team member needs to post under their same team thread (no individual threads..this will make it easier for voting )
5. All projects need to be posted no later that January 29th, voting will be open the 30th and 31st. ..anything posted after the 29th will not be considered for voting
6. very important.... Have fun Fun Fun
Paper Perfection ........... Red Hot Cricut Peppers
TBug ............... . Nilda
sockmonkeykitty ...........grammat
JaniceSchmidt ...............KweenScrapper69
goatesgirl .................DanielleP

Don't forget to vote !!!!!!!

Sunday 25 January 2009

I have been distributing my 'Tags'!!!!!

It has been a busy weekend, this morning we went for a lovely early morning swim with Little mo, I am sure he is turning into a fish!! and I have just had time to sit down and womble round a few of the blogs I follow and tag them!!! it was fun!! so heres who I chose:







Go to your pictures and look in your 6th folder and post your 6th picture then explain it!! I have chosen both people that follow me and people that I follow but they don't follow me, I decided to do this as there are so many people that inspire me on a daily basis and I am tyring to thank them for all the things they share. Thankyou for looking, I will look forward to seeing what everyone who has been tagged posts!!!xxxxx

Saturday 24 January 2009

Oooooh, I've been tagged!!!!!!

I just got tagged by Leanne!!heres her blog!
ok so the rules of this tag (i have never had one before!!!) were that I went to my pictures and opened the 6th folder and picked the 6th picture in that folder!!!! and then explain that picture....
So this is my picture!!! in the picture, (from left to right) my nephew Jake, my son Little Mo, my niece Lily-boo and my eldest son Ryan. On the table in front of them are their bread buns (recipie in the background) and this is the picture we took to send to my niece and nephews mum and dad ( they were having some mummy and daddy time at a wedding so we had a sleepover, though they were all so excited about it you'd of thought they had won a years worth of sweets!!! lol !!)
Thankyou Leanne!!!!
(errrr, can someone let me know if you pass a tag along, I am a bit new to tagging!!!!)

Card I made a while ago!

I made this card a few weeks ago for a friend at work who was leaving to have her baby ( he is here now and sooo cute) but I wanted to share this card as it was so much fun to make. I sometimes have 'favourite cards' and this is one of them.
I used my new arrival cartridge for the expectant mum with a bit of blingy glitter on, I am hoping you will be able to read the verse if you click on the picture, I found it by googling!!! I wanted a nice verse that was just for Leanne as I knew we would be sending her cards for the baby after he arrived and I wanted her to feel a bit special.
I made lots of little tags with some forever friends baby paper, then made the tags again with the shadow function with cardstock to back them on so that we could all write our own personal little message ( I thought that this would be much nicer than a huge card that we all signed a bit of!!) andUsed my big bite to pop some eyelets on each tag, popped ribbon on them all. Then I made some tag pockets in the same paper I used for the front of the card and inked all the edges to make them look pretty. I made the card base in ds.
The empty bigger pocket in the bottom picture is the tag pocket that I made for her gift card from our collection to go into.
Thankyou for peeking!!! now I'm off to my dashboard for a nosey around to see what everyone else is up to!!! xxxxxxx

Monday 19 January 2009

My nephews 1st birthday door hanger!!!

I am sooo fed up with this bug I have got, I got it just before christmas and it just won't budge!! everytime I get a little tired it comes back, today I have a headache that won't budge and a throat that feels like I ate a cactus!!!! I had such a great weekend but it was busy so think thats how I got tired and then last night little Mo's asthma was sooo yukky, we were up half the night. His little eyes are so red and bloodshot from coughing and he gets so panicky and upset when its bad ( tonight is not fairing much better so far bless him!) Anyway, thankyou for letting me moan!! At the moment I am working on a ' happy mail' for my amazing freind Michelle (I am late with it to, sorry Mich xxx) so I am posting something I did just before christmas.
My nephew, Rufus, turned 1 in november. He has a pirate theme in his bedroom and I wanted to make him something that would tie in with that. I found the card from cricutbutterflies blog and played with it a little to get it how I wanted it and I used the pirate ship on my PDDU cart to make his door hanging. It was the first time I have attempted a door hanging so I was quite pleased with it. I used black tissue paper for the sails and blue tissue paper for the waves. Its hard to see in the picture but I used rafia to 'tie' the sails and to make the hanger for it to go on a hook on the door. Have a lovely monday everybody xxxx

Saturday 17 January 2009

OOOh I love these!! More Grab-a-doodle-do's!!!

I have had a lovely day today. I caught up with one of my best friends (and probably one of my oldest friends!!) Leah, and had lots of tea and giggles, I love days like today. I don't have much but I am truly grateful for what I do have and wouldn't swap a thing about my life (lou thinks hard about that and decides she would definately change the size 14 that she is and be a 10 again!!!! lol!!!!) I even got 2 cards done tonight!!
I am so pleased that I wombled over to one day!!
I love these Josh and Lilly's., Thankyou Sally-Anne xx
I used my new wild card cartridge for the Lilly one and did a pocket card for the Josh one. You can probably tell I am loving my new cats eye chalks at the moment too, I love the way that inking or chalking adds new definition to the card, it really makes a difference.I put 3d glaze on Josh's football but it doesn't come out that well in the photograph.

Thursday 15 January 2009

Grab-a doodle's Lilly.

Hello!!!!! oh i love these little images I have got from grab-a-doodle (link at the top right of my blog) his one is Lilly. I had a tought time deciding which one to use for this card!!!!! the choice is sooo hard as they are all so cute!! I chose this Lilly sitting on the present in the end ( I had to hide the rest under my card magazines to stop them looking at me!!!! lol!!!) This one is one of my cards for Kazz's carsd for claire house appeal ( I am on a last minute rush to get some more done for her!). She has soe glitter glue on her present and I cuttlebugged the scallop with divine swirls before giving it what I was hoping to be a grungy kind of inking look but I am not sure I pulled it off!! I used my white souffle pen to add some dooodledots here and there and a little bit of lacey sticker across the card and inside, I used my xyron design runner for the'Happy Birthday' inside and I bought the sentiment sticker in the sales!!!!
I am still learning how to use my design runner and still only have the little trial disc that comes with it but I am enjoying the ease of quickly popping a sentiment on a card.
Right now I am going to have a play with the cheekies I downloaded from pink petticoat (watch out Kazz, claire house could be getting some 'cheekie' cards!!)
Thankyou for looking xxxxx

Tuesday 13 January 2009

grab-a-doodles Josh!!

Hello everybody!
I would like you to meet Josh!!! isn't he cute? he came as one of 6 images I got from grab-a-doodle (the link is at the top on the right) I saw him and fell in love with him, they are so cool.

The card itself was a bit rushed as it was a last minute birthday card but I hope it shows him off a bit.
I embossed the card with my happy birthday cuttlebug file and inked the edges, then I made 'birthday boy!' in word on my computer and put them on the card with foam dots to make them stand out. I glitter glued Josh's t-shirt to make it a litle bit blingy for the birthday boy and hey presto!!! a quick card done!!!

Monday 12 January 2009

I feel so honoured & quite blubbery!! but in a good way!!

I got this from Enfys!!! I am just speechless. This is such a lovely surprise and I feel so honoured. I haven't had my little blog for that long and I really didn't think anyone would be that bothered about looking at it!!! I look today and I have 26 followers ( this is a lot for me!! I didn't think I would get any!!) Thankyou so much Enfys, I am honoured to have recieved this from you as you are one of the people who really inspires me and I love your blog.

I think that I pass this on now so here I go. There are so many I would love to pass it on to but I am going to do 5 people like Enfys did!! ( I will have to search for a different award picture for Enfys later as I don't want to give her the same award twice!!) This is Kate's blog, like mine it is quite new but she has some cool cards on there I love. I lurve shelley's cards, there is no patterned paper available that she cannot match together perfectly and her cards are breathtaking, she is awesome. For my lovely Julie just because her cards are amazing and she is lovely xx For Jason because he is a breath of fresh air between all us chicks and a fantastic scrapper and card maker. There are no words to thank Susan for everything she does for everybody, I know her blog and the tie she takes to do tutorials and files have been invaluable to me and I love her blog.A very, very special lady.

There are so many more I love but this is a start!!

I am going now to do the hapy dance around my room for my blog award xxxx

Sunday 11 January 2009

My little cuttlebug trio!!!

I had lots of cards to make today!!! I have my own little list of 'to do's' along with some cards that i need to make for Kazz from the cricut mb for claire house. I made a deal with myself to do one of my cards and then one for Kazz until I had got a bit further down my list!! I think in total I have made 14 cards today!!! I am pooped!!
Anyway this is my cute little cuttlebug trio!! The best thing is that all the bits came out of my stash so I haven't had to buy anything yet!!! The little teddy stickers came free on a magazine ages ago and the little button is one from a set of 6 my mum bought me for a present a while back.
The green one uses the happy birthday folder, the pink one is tiny bubbles and the white baby one is swiss dots (i love swiss dots for baby cards). A bit of inking, foam dots and ribbon and I was done!!! The insides of the cards are quite nice too but the only cuttlebugged one is the pink one and i used the 'with love' border folder for inside that one.
I still have more cards to do for Kazz as she assures me there are a cuople of weeks left yet, I had gotten myself thinking they had to be in for this week!!

Valentines idea's for rockers!!!

I made this card for my husband for his birthday, he got guitar heros on tour (yes, the drumsand everything, i was so pleased with 3 boys in the house......!!!) so I decided to make him a guitar shaped card!!!

I used indie art for the cut and welded 2 guitars together in ds, there are lots of little fiddly bits to it but it was great fun to do. I wanted it to look kind of real so I used silver metallic thread for the strings. The strings are attached with some 3d glaze. For the inside I used a bit of the left over cut so it didn't look too plain!!

I used double sided patterned cardstock as it made it a really easy way to get some colour into the guitar that was co-ordinated!!!!

I thought all it would need to make it a valentines card would be a change of sentiment to 'Valentine, you rock my world'

Saturday 10 January 2009

Lily-boo's boutique fairy.

Here are a couple of cards I made with one of my big sister sam's brand new valentine fairy image stamps ( this one is available to buy for just £1, which I think is around $1.40 ish!!).
I love this fairy, she is so versatile!! she perched beautifully on top of a rock on my hearts pop up cards (more valentine inspiration guys!! lol !!) and sat gorgeously on the edge of the polka dot card ( think that one is my fav!).
I can no way colour as well as my big sis but I am still pleased with my effort!! I added a little sparly 'fairy dust' ( ok, ok its glitter glue really!!) and the paper is funky hand paper, I think it is 'salt and pepper'
Heres the link for funky hand, the link will take you straight to the sat and pepper page!!!:

And if you want to buy the image of the fairy (oh please do!!!!) click on the paypal link below. I have popped a picture of her uncoloured as she will be!!
Thankyou for peeking at her, she's so thoughtful sat there with her heart.

File will be e-mailed asap

The cuttlebugspot challenge entry!

I had so much with the challenge I am taking part in on the cricut mb that I decided to get brave and do another one. I went to the cuttlebug spot and thought I would have a go at that one ( you should see the designers cards,they are awesome) so here is my go at the challenge.
I used the spots and dots folder to emboss the party hat card that I designed on my cricut ds and found some 'manly' double sided cardstock in my stash. I liked it so much when it was done that I made another one, they are always handy to have incase a male birthday creeps up on me!!!!!
I hope it is good enough for the challenge, I am not really used to doing them so I am not 100% sure whats the done thing!!!! lol !!!

Thursday 8 January 2009

more valentines inspiration!!

well, I couldn't get my blog to load pictures last night so I thought I would try it before I go to work!!!!
****All credit for the bases of these cards must go to Susan, please click on the link to her blog in my bloglist on the right hand side (Susan blue robot). If you haven't been before she shares her knowledge of the cricut and some amazing cute files and is so giving, her tutorials are great and if you have any questions she answers them so quickly. She really is a lovely lady.

So here are some of the first cards I ever made when I got my cricut and downloaded the trial version of ds, I thought these cards had a 'love' feeling to them!!
The cute guy in the kebab card is my little mo but you could easily change the photo for a valentines greeting!!

Wednesday 7 January 2009

grrrrr, can't upload pictures on my blog tonight!!

grrrrr, I have been trying to upload some more valentines ideas for you all but my blog just won't let me do it. I will try again tommorrow xxxx

Tuesday 6 January 2009

lacy's shadowbox card

Many, many thanks to Lacygilbertson from the cricut mb for this gorgeous shadow box file. I thought it would be a good addition to the valentines card inspiration I am going for at the moment!!!!
I made this card a while ago from a cut file that Lacy shared on the mb, i loved it and made one as a thankyou to Lacy for the file, i am sure if you pm her she will still have the file.

Monday 5 January 2009

Envelope shaped card that could be a 'Love Letter' card?!!

I thought this one might make a good 'Love Letter' card with a few hearts instead of the flowers?!!

Explosion box 'I love you'

I was sat thinking last night what I could post today, I decided on posting a few cards I have made that I think would make lovely valentines cards if they are changed from the birthday greetings to a valentiney one!!!!! I thought it might inspire anyone stuck for ideas that are a little different!!
This is the explosion box I made for my dad to give to my mum on her birthday, He was so chuffed with it.