Saturday, 24 January 2009

Oooooh, I've been tagged!!!!!!

I just got tagged by Leanne!!heres her blog!
ok so the rules of this tag (i have never had one before!!!) were that I went to my pictures and opened the 6th folder and picked the 6th picture in that folder!!!! and then explain that picture....
So this is my picture!!! in the picture, (from left to right) my nephew Jake, my son Little Mo, my niece Lily-boo and my eldest son Ryan. On the table in front of them are their bread buns (recipie in the background) and this is the picture we took to send to my niece and nephews mum and dad ( they were having some mummy and daddy time at a wedding so we had a sleepover, though they were all so excited about it you'd of thought they had won a years worth of sweets!!! lol !!)
Thankyou Leanne!!!!
(errrr, can someone let me know if you pass a tag along, I am a bit new to tagging!!!!)

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  1. Hey Lou!! Yup, you pass it on to 6 more people!! Love your blog! :)


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