Saturday 22 June 2013

Patches the Fairy.....

Afternoon Peeps!!!

I just wanted to pop in quick and let you all know that Patches the Fairy is now up for sale over on the Saturated canary shop :) I know some of you have been waiting on her and I didn't want you to miss her while she is on special offer!!

Please pop over and read krista's blog post to find your coupon to get her for half price. It was a hard and sad post for me to read but I am behind Krista 100%. I am on the DT for a lot of digital artists and have a sister and many dear friends who are sellers of them too and these issues are a constant struggle for them. 

so thats it for me for today. I have a poorly little man still, he managed a short time at his school fair but asked to come home. He was very sick last night but thankfully has not been sick again today so we have had a film day. We watched 'Oz the great and powerful@ this morning and 'Jack the giant slayer' this afternoon. He managed the fish from his tea but that was about it so its going to be an early snuggly night tonight bless him.

Huge hugs Lou xxx