Monday 29 January 2018

Basketball Teen.................

Morning all! 

I'm in with a post for you today using the gorgeous new  Basketball Teen S from Mo's Digital Pencil. He is just the bomb!! I always find something in the shop that reminds me of my little guy! He may not be this buff yet but he does love basketball!! And!! even cooler! there are 2 versions of this super image....
You can click on them to be magically pinged to their home in the store!!!

Of course, my little guy is a full-time prescription glasses wearer so I needed to send a quick ping off to Da Boss to ask her if she could please design me some glasses for the Basketball dude so I could make him more my little Mo-ish! and of course, she delivered super quick and with a super cool frame too! 

Inside follows the theme with a teeny version of the same dude inside and the 'You're a star' sentiment. I didn't want a sentiment for the front because....well....let's be honest...I can never wait to give Mo a card I know he will squeal over!! so he'll probably get this card at the end of term next week!!!

And me for today...I will be attempting to tidy the doom that is my outside crafty room. I feel ready to pootle on back out there with all my crafty bits now I'm getting much better but boy oh boy.......I think a search party may be required if no one has seen me in a couple of days!!!!!! I think I might just have it done by the time I've finished my Herceptin injections in April!!! bwah ha ha ha!!!!

Right, breakfast and school run to sort so I had better get a wriggle on!! Thank you for popping in, Hugs Lou xx