Wednesday 18 October 2017

Oh Baby..........

 Chippies- New Baby Chipboard set.
Hi everyone!!

Well I am back in pooter land now I have my lovely new pooter all set up and raring to go. I am still very much getting used to it....I was sooo comfy with all my old software and my old keyboard and mouse ( getting used to clean and unsticky,unworn keyboard and mouse is tricky....bwah ha ha ha ha!!!!) but it was a pretty painless reshuffle to the new pooter and luckily the hard drive on the old one was fine so I didn't loose any of my precious photographs or images (.......that said....I do want ya'll to go back up your pooters right now to make sure you don't even need to think about worrying if pooter death is contagious and you contract it from me! bwah ha ha ha ha!!!!)

This morning I have been swinging between getting this gorgeous little baby card posted, finishing off my new MIC make and getting to grips wit printing out some images in a new old faithful photoshop did not make the journey! ( I am running on a free trial of the newest version and stocking up on printed images before the 30 days is up......resourceful me!!! he he!!).

Those gorgeous Maja Designs Vintage Spring Basics papers are on offer at The Ribbon Girl at the minute so grab yourself a saving if you love them as much as I do!!! and the cuteness of those little New Baby Chippies is just so awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww on my list right now!! I don't have many from the fabulous set left now but oh my are they perfect for those 'I don't fancy colouring an image' days.

Right, I need to go and clean my teeth...again!!! we have the dentists at 4:30pm today and I am determined to show her I looked after them good through chemo and rads!! ....I might get a sticker for being a good girl???!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for popping in, huge hugs Lou xxx