Monday 8 January 2018

Tia with Flowers (spinning stamp)........

Morning everyone!

I'm in with my Dream Team post for you today and my oh my!! did I have the best fun making this card!!!

She is new to the shop, she arrived at the weekend and I couldn't resist playing with her right away.Well, it would have been rude not to as Scott was super busy putting in some new sockets on our bedside tables so I can have a little lamp for reading at night. The sockets also have 2 doody USB port's in them so I can charge my phone when it goes flat because I can't sleep and I'm playing on something!!!(...he's rather fabulous you know!!) anywhoooo, back to Tia....

And how does she spin you ask??? Between the 2 layers, you sandwich a little sewing thread and then when you've cut your aperture out, you adhere the thread with some good strong tape, or sew it through and give it a good knot. 

Then with your card open give her a good few spins around. Hold her still whilst you close the card and then when your recipient opens it she will spin around for them! I LOVE it!!!

Here's how she spins....

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! too cute!!! 

My first week of Slimming World went rather fabulously too!! on my weigh in on Saturday morning lost a whopping 4lb and I am so excited about that because I was thinking I would lose 2lb at the very most!! I don't expect to lose that every week, slowly slowly catchy monkey is best I think but a good chunk off to start made my week!!

Right, I need to get a wriggle on and get a cuppa!! I have my hospital check up with my surgeon today (...gulp! haven't seen him in a long time!!!) I'm not actually sure what I have to go for today so I am hoping he will have the results of my mammogram from last week and maybe some news about when I can be less like The Hunchtit of Notre Dame and more like a Barbie!! ( seriously though...those dolls have no nipples so I strive to be like one of them boobwise!! romfl!!!!). 

Thank you for popping in, Hugs Lou xxxx