Monday 26 September 2016

Liam in the leaves.........

Watercolour background from Laura.
Morning all!!

I'm in with my Dream Team share for you today and I had to have a play with the fabulous new Liam in the leaves. I do love a boy image and this one is just the cutest because autumn leaves is one of my little guys favourite things to crunch around in!

We still have a lot of sun here so the Watercolour background from the Laura image was just what I needed to merge Liam onto, then I merged the gorgeous sentiment that comes with him over the top. Huge thanks to Maurie for .png files, I do so adore them!!!

Today I feel kinda guilty!! we are dropping our new bunny off to be neutered!! I'm sorry Marvin but those boy bits have got to go!! lol!! but in all seriousness, its so much kinder to do so because it helps them to feel so much more settled without the urges a growing bunny boy has!! thought to be fair, he has been very calm and he and Kate adore each other which is wonderful because I so didn't want Kate to be alone now the days and nights are getting cooler, she needs somebunny to hug!!

Thank you for popping in, Hugs Lou xx