Monday 13 July 2015

Petunia gets a piggyback..........

I'm back! a squidge later than I thought as there was a little hiccup between the consultant and the radiographer but all sorted now and the fluid in my wrist has a surgery date a looming!! de de demmmmmmmmmmmmm !! lol!!!

So I just had to share my DTDF DT make with you all! this  Petunia gets a piggy back stamp is just too cute and I have to admit to it being one of those stalk the posty moments until it arrived!!! and as for the  Avery Elle Wonky Stitches....well...they might just be my fav companion at the minute! I love the little effect they give around the edges and that tag is just too cute!!

Here is a little bling shot too! I so suck at getting photo's of the pretties on her skirt!!

Right, I am going to go and mildy de- stress now and try and stay awake for fetching Mo.! I am not sure I function well on the one hour of sleep after the nightshift thing!! lol. I have had 2 coffee's since I got home and now resemble the squirrel in Hoodwinked...

Snow Day...

Image- Snow Day.

Hi everyone!! I have 2 posts for today and I am starting with a bit of a wintery make! I just had to make a little shaker card using  Snow Day. I keep seeing gorgeous shaker cards pop up and I have to be honest...I suck at them!! i get all my sprinkles stuck to them and get the shaker bit all wrong so for this one I out my best concentrating hat on and made myself a shaker circle by cutting out 6 circles of card with my nestie circles!!!! go meee!!!

Then a few sprinkles , sequins and bits and bobs got plomped into the little share a la Lou and I stuck another piece of acetate over the top so I could make it into a little window that you could see my little cutie through!!

And don't forget.....

 Mo's HOT Summer Sale!!.

now through Saturday, July 25, 2015!!!.

So it's the perfect time to get adding to your wishlist!!

Right, I need to get a cuppa and get my next little make finished off!!

Huge hugs Lou xxx