Monday 15 October 2018

Punkin redux...

Image- Punkin redux.
Morning everyone!!

It's my turn to post over on the Dream Team blog this morning and I was so excited to make my card. It's for a super special friend of mine whose birthday is this week and I am super lucky that she shares my joy of all things autumn and of course, Pumpkins!! he he!!!

Punkin was just perfect for the job because....well.....cuteness!! lol!!! seriously though, what luck to come upon a gorgeous little autumnal pumpkin image that I could easily turn into a birthday card for my dear friend.

I also included a couple of the crafty things she has taught/ shared with me over the years I have had the pleasure to know her. The little corner punch is one that I have had for years after she demo'd with it when I nipped over to see her one year and then the sanded edges and the little bit of inking by keeping your die over the image while you ink and then the faux stitching around the image mat. A few little leafy fronds in some autumny colours with a little bow just finished it off. I just love it.

You see, you never forget the people who share their crafty knowledge with you and help you to expand yours, as well as being a dear support whilst we were both pootling through breast cancer together. What are the chances of that?! I am very blessed to have her in my life.

Right, I must pootle off now. I need to try and get my feet working for the school run. I have been in so much pain with these blooming toes after having my nails removed that it's been quite a sore weekend!! I was quite excited though on Saturday because I baked 2 cakes for Scott's mum to take to a fundraising coffee morning and both sold very quickly! I felt so happy!! a Lemon Drizzle loaf and a Banana Bread...which might I add...Mo rather fancied so I had to make him and Scott a Banana Bread of their own and today, Mo wants me to make a Lemon Drizzle!!!!!

Thank you so much for nipping in! Huge hugs Lou xxx