Saturday 28 March 2009

My big little boy is 9!!!!

Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, I have got the dreaded coldy lergy again but have had a really,really nice day. We woke up early as always and still not able to take Little mo for his swimming lesson as he has had an awful ear infection and hasn't been able to swim without lots of pain.
So we all jumped in the car and went for a drive to nottingham to go to hobbycraft, I got a couple of tiny bits from there and the had a womble around the range ( i find it a bit muddled in there!!) and got myself some little quickcutz rockers to help me learn how to stamp! Then we spent the afternoon around our kitchen table maikng things, Mo had his bindeez, I was making my challenge card for the UK crafters thread on the cricut mb and scott and ryan were making an airfix plane they bought in hobbycraft!!! The weather was awful today so this was a nice treat for us all.
Monday was my 'big' little boys 9th birthday ( wow, time goes so fast!!!) so me and Mo have been busy making birthday cards. Ryan is a really big football fan so we went with a football theme. I have decided there is nothing more magical than sitting at the table with my 4 year old and making cards, he loves it.
A while ago Enfys made a football card with these football stickers and I loved them, I went and bought them and have been hiding them ever since!!!! For my card I used one of the footballs for the 'o' in son and cut an 's' and 'n' with my doodletye cart. The wording on the card is done on my computer using 'bend it' font from dafont (this has been one of my most used freebie downloads!!!!) and my first attempt at stamping is the footballs on the base card!!!!! ( i know, not great but I am going for a class next week!!) for the inside I printed out a picture of my mini Beckham!! he was very pleased with it.
Mo decided he needed to draw ryan playing football and put a birthday hat on it so it looked like he was playing 'goals' on his birthday!!!! I love his card, it is sooooo cute and he loves making things next to mummy, magic times for me!!!
Thankyou for popping in xxxxxxxx

Tuesday 24 March 2009

Grrrrrr day with my glitter glue!!!

Do you ever have one of those cards that you thought about for a couple of days, totally loved making and then get a grrrrrrrr moment?!!!!
Well, that happened to me yesterday!! I made a card that I really like, its a little bit cheeky for my lovely friend ( who is also a little bit cheeky!!!!) I used my pink petticoat cheekies and decided I would glue the frills with irredescent embossing powder to make them sparkle (oooh pretty thought Lou...) it seemed like fab idea to finish it off. I had already glazed the basqe and pants to glitz them up a bit so though this would be a quick finish, I popped some tacky glue on the frills and put the embossing powder on last night thinking it would be dry for the morning, (sharon's birthday thinks i cut it too fine with cardmaking!!!!) how wrong was I?!!!!!! it was still wet when I got up for work this morning and I needed to take it with me but I couldn't.
I felt so bad that I hadn't got it done in time but above you have the piccy of the offending card!!!! totally my fault.
I used my george and all mixed up cart (in shadow for the base and normal in the pink) for the card base and then my glittery sticky paper for the letters for a bit of girly blitz!! I then cut a slightly smaller rounded square for the front mat on the card and ran it through my cuttlebug with the happy birthday embossing folder (it looks really cool in real life but not so cool in the photo, as does the evil glittery frill,grrrrrrr, this card is jinxed!!!) and added a satin black ribbon and bit of adhesive lace with a little white inking on. Little bit of doodling on a couple of the corners with a metallic gel pen.
It says 'birthday suit?!......' on the outside and on the inside it says 'oooh la la!!'
So, sharon I am sorry this was late hunny but it is cute!!!!
Thankyou for popping in xxxxx

Saturday 21 March 2009

Mothers day cards!!!!!!

wow, I have had one of those weeks where my feet haven't touched the ground!!!!
I had serious lack of mojo for my mothers day cards until this morning. I had bought my super duper large pop ups with an idea in mind but it just wouldn't go anywhere in my head,(grrrrrrr, hate it when that happens!!)and I got them out and put them away several times this week!!!
Anyway, god must of been smiling on me last night because I woke up witha fab idea to use on of the swirly squares I had seen on my storybook cart for the back of the card and the it all fell into place. All the swirly bits are from the 7 key in various diferent functions and it made it so pretty. I love swirls but have never used them on a card unles it was my divine swirls embossing folder( have a bug for them now and think everything will be swirly for a while!!) I put some doodle dots on them with my white gel pen to jazz them up a little. I also used the birthday girl frame for the bit to write on and kept the middle,just turned it over so I had the contrast of the double sided paper!!! more pearls for this bit too (my mum is very special so she deserves lots of bling!!)

I cut the M U M using my doodletype cart in both shadow and normal, the pink glittery paper is adhesive, its a bit like vinyl but it cuts like a dream with my cricut, I used it for the front too. I cut 4 rectangles in george and embossed 2 with one of my cuttlebug embossing border strips, I can't remember what the folder set is called. I popped little pearls in the centres of the flowers. I did some inking around the recatangles and the card as I love the way it lifts the edges.

I found the verse on the web this morning and it was just so funny I had to use it!!! it is computer generated.
The little sticker is a forever friends one that came free on one of my magazines, (Little Mo chose which one to use, bless him!!!)
The little bits of ribbon on the top of the card and on the outside to tie the card are from my stash, as is the little made with love heart charm ( i love this charm,use it a lot on personal cards!!)
Phew!!! I think I remembered everything!!!!
Today has been gorgeous here, lots of beautiful sunshine. Scott took me and Mo for a womble around my favourite craft shop, Alicraft, in Lincoln and I bought myself a couple of stamps, my favourite being the tilda in the bath stamp!! and I am going to sign myself up for a beginners stamping lesson to learn how to stamp (I am not great at it!!!)
Right I am going to snuggle up with Scott and watch a film now so see you all soon!!! Thankyou for popping by xxxxxx

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Red,white and blue callenge card!!!

Morning everybody!!!!!
Over on the cricut on the UK crafter thread we are having a red,white and blue challenge set by enfys. I love doing fun challenges, i love the fun aspect and the sharing afterwards!!!
I have to be honest, I have never set out to you red,white and blue together on a card before so this one was great fun.
I had a thankyou card to make so the challenge helped me get that sorted, Thanks En!!!!!
I used teardrop for the sentiment and used all the colours on it by using red for the background, wite for the top and blue ink around the edges with some blue dots and sparkly chalk on the butterfly, also a little bling on the butterflies body!!!( I can't resist bling!!)
I cuttlebugged a white scalloped card with some blue chalk on it, there is some lovely sparkly blue chalk on the sentiment and the butterfly but I can't get a picture of it to come out!!!! tried a close up and you can just see some tiny sparkles here and there!!!
Now I just have to finish off Lewis's doctor who card, start 2 mothers day cards and 2 birthday cards and my work will be done for this week!!!!!!!
Have a lovely day everbody xxxxxx

Sunday 15 March 2009

Love notes meander book!!!! Tag-a-riffic team 2 march challenge entry!

Hello everybody!!!I have had such a lovely sunday, the weather has been gorgeous today. I spent the day playing with my boys in the garden and finishing off my entry team 2's march challenge on the cricut mb, we are called Tag-a-riffic Team 2. Here is the link where the gorgeous entries from the team I am on are going, please check it out as there are some beautiful cards on there already!

And this is my meander book for my entry towards the team!! I am calling it love notes because of the way I wanted to decorate my alternate pages!!!
The pages of the book are made out of my 12x12 sheet of double sided cardstock, I made my covers with ceral boxes cut to 4x4 size. They are covered with my find at my local d.i.y. store (B&Q) and got a scrap of leathery looking wallpaper to cover the cereal box squares!!! it even had false stitching on so I used that for a 'ribbon' to go across the outside of the book.
The tags inside are made out of some left over burgundy pearlescent card I had in my box of cut offs, I inked the egdes, added a bit of leathery string for the pulls and drew journalling lines on the backs with a gold pen.
The heart stamp came free on a magazine and the embossing is my cuttlebug script embossing folder. I inked over the embossing with a charcoal ink pad to bring out the detail.
I don't know what I will use it for yet but my almost 9 year old has his eyes on one being made for him now!!!!
I have 4 birthday cards to make for the weekend and my uk crafters thread challenge on the cricut mb to do for tuesday so I will be a busy bunny!!!
Thankyou so much for popping in xxxx

Wednesday 11 March 2009

Leather and Lace pink petticoat cheekies!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!!
well I couldn't get on the mb so I am posting my challenge card on here instead!!!! Me ,Kat and Nicki set ourselves a challenge to use our cheekies from pink petticoat!!! lol !!! that was easier said than done but here is mine!!!! lots of sparkle on the frills but I can't get a good piccy of it!!! grrr!!!!! the black paper is my B&Q wallpaper that I get for my other mb challenge!!! it is so cool taking scraps and making them into something pretty!!!! I loved this leather looking wallpaper so got it in brown and black!!!! going back this weekend for more !!lol!!!!
If you can't see it in the picture the sentiment says:
Leather and lace.... (outside)
....will make his heart race!! (inside)

Thankyou for popping in!!!

Sunday 8 March 2009

Making my first real scrapbook!!!

Hello everyone!!! I have not posted for a few days as I have been feeling quite poorly, I am feeling much better today but have a little black cloud feeling over me I can't shake off!!! I am putting it down to the dreadful weather and having been poorly!!!
Anyway, I have been attempting my first real scrapbook for the last couple of days. I was desperate to use m bind it all on it and it i for a secret mission that I won't pop on here incase the person it is meant for sneeks a peek at it!!! (anyone who goes on the cricut mb might know its purpose but for everyone else I will post some pictures when it is finished!)
I used some co-ordinating starry paper from my stash and mixed in some white pages that I am not sure what I will do with yet!!!! Some lovely people who have been helping me have suggested some strips of patterned paper on them to stop them being so white though as normal for me I will be inking the edges!!! lol !!!!
Anyone who is good wih their bind-it -all will notice that I made a major boo-boo when I first tried to put my binding holes in but me being me decided to hide the boo-boo by telling myself I didit like that to thread some co-ordinating ribbon ( lou tells off the voices in her head for trying to make her think otherwise!!! lol!!!)
The beigey coloured page is a pocket page for popping bits in like tickets or notes, one of my lovely friends from work showed me how to do it as she has been to a bind-it-all class.
I am going to put little diamontes or pearls in the centres of the little stars on the front of the book but it is a work in progress and a little out of my comfort zone!!! My theory is I will not learn unless I try so I plod on!!!
I hope everybody has had a lovely weekend xxxx

Wednesday 4 March 2009

card made with my docrafts mag freebie stickers!!

Urgh, I am poorly today, I have an infectiony virusy thing and have to go for some bloods next week when I finish my antibiotics, argh!!!
It took me until 10pm tonight to feel well enough to pop this card together for a friend at work.
I used the gorgeous stickers that came free on my docrafts magazine, I love them and will definately be buying some when I run out of these cute little guys.
I wish my head was more together but I feel blurgh so please excuse any ramblings!!!
I used my hearts cuttlebug embossing folder and inked it brown, I got a few smudges which I am a bit sad with but I don't think they are to noticeable ( she hopes!!) and the edges of the card. I put some lovely dotty brown ribbon across the middle of the card on the outside and inside to follow through and made myself some little mats for the front out of double sided patterned card ( I know this is a terrible cheat but its the only way I can mix colours and know they will go together!!!)
I inked the edges of those too and popped a little daisy on the front mat,I wrote 'amy' on the gift tag on the present with an ultrafine sharpie pen and doodled around the edge a little, then popped the daisy mat on foam squares to make it stand out a bit. I used some of the flowers on the sheet to decorate the edge of the card and on the inside there is the 'birthday wishes' sticker from the pack just above the ribbon but i forgot to take a picture of that!!!
I hope everyone has had a better day than me!!! lol!!!
thankyou for popping in xxxxxx

Sunday 1 March 2009

wintery happy mail for michelle!!!

Hello everbody!!!!
(oooh I have just worked out how to make my text bigger!! I like this size much better!!)
I hope everybody is having a lovely sunday. I am, it is a lovely sunny day here and warming up a little, I have got the back door open for fresh air and the dog is happily chomping away on his bone, while Little Mo plays in his sand table, I love days like this after all the gloom of winter.
I have had an email from Michelle saying she has received her 'happy mail' so I can share it with you now!!
For our 'happy mail' this month Michelle and I decided on something wintery, it took me a week or so to get going on this one!!! but once again I decided to use my lovely hallmark deluxe studio. I played around in the art studio part of it making the background paper for the book and pages and choosing and sizing clip art to put on it, all of the little embellies and pictues are in it too so although it takes me a longtime to do, it prints out all at once and then I just have to make it up.
The first 2 little verses on the pages I found on the internet under a gardeners poems search (Michelle loves flowers and gardening so that was important to me) but the last verse on the page I had to make up for myself so went for a kind of soppy one as it is the page where Michelles dh's picture is.
I inked all te edges of the book cover, pages, pictures and verses before I put it all together and then set to work putting pictures where I wanted them. I adhered the ribbon to the book cover before attaching the pages and popped 2 little eyelets in to thread it through.
I used some 3d glaze to make the snowman on the covers nose and buttons stand out and on each of the embellies on the pages. I went around the frames of the pictures with some glitter glue. I really enjoyed putting this book together.
I wanted to make a box to pop the book in so I turned to my TBBM cart and chose a little box with a window cutout. I ran the box through my cuttlebug with the snowflakes embossing folder and inked it with blue ink. Then I cut a little bit of acetate and ran it through my cuttlebug with the same folder and gently sanded it to 'frost' the snowflakes, I adhered it to the inside with a bit of double sided tape and attached some ribbon with a 'made with love' charm on it.
Thankyou so much for popping in to have a nosey, I love all my visitors and comments and will be having a little rak soon. I cant afford much but that is the joy of rak's I think, just to share a little bit of something with people who are interested in what you make and take the time to pop in and see what you have been up to I don't always leave comments on peoples blogs (i would be on my computer all day!!!) but I check everyday on my blog dashboard all the people I follow (its a lot!!!) and enjoy the inspiration they all give me on a daily basis.
I'm off to play in the sunshine now!!! Ta-Ta for now xxxxxxxx